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Own the Trend: The Online Accessories Specialist Making Trendy Sunglasses Affordable

Based in Canada, owned by Egyptians, inspired by Sahel.

Own The Trend sunglasses

Let’s just get one thing straight, there’s no such thing as owning too many pairs of sunglasses. Unfortunately, though, quality/trendy/even slightly cool sunglasses also happen to me rather pricey, anywhere in the world. One brand is bucking the trend, however; Canada-based, Egyptian-owned online sunglasses specialist, Own the Trend, is hoping to solve our sunglasses-sadness with pieces that are both on-trend and affordable.

Founded by Farida Bayoumi and her fiancée, Adham Magdy, Own the Trend, makes sure to give us not only the latest trend where sunglasses are concerned, but edgy designs to go with our personalities. The Toronto-based accessories brand believes that everybody should look fabulous rocking the latest shades without having to break the bank. 

“We don’t design the sunglasses. We choose the sunglasses, the accessories and all of our merchandise depending on the demands of our clientele and we sell them at a reasonable price," Bayoumi tells CairoScene. "So, in Egypt, we sell them for EGP 400. Right now we’re based in Toronto, but we're in Egypt almost every summer and much of our inspiration comes from Sahel. Whenever we go to Sahel, we’re always inspired to add colour to our collection. When we went last summer, for example, colours and glitter were in. The only issue that we noticed was that the sunglasses sold in Sahel were so expensive. We were surprised at the prices. So that's what we want to offer; fashionable eyewear at a reasonable price.”

While the online brand doesn't ship to Egypt from their Toronto store, they’ve got several pieces showcased in Signee Alta Moda in Alexandria which can be delivered to Cairo. The couple is looking to expand to Egypt, among other destinations, but they’re starting out with Om el Donya for now.

“It’s very important for us to have a base in Egypt because, first and foremost, we’re originally Egyptian and there's a gap in the market where summer accessories are concerned," Bayoumi says. "And, of course, the weather in Egypt is amazing and where Sahel is concerned, there's a big market. Whenever we're heading back to Egypt for summer, we always have a new collection with us.” 

Own The Trend also sells earrings and other accessories, but their main focus is sunglasses as that's what the couple is most passionate about and that's what they'd initially started with. 

"I've always been obsessed with sunglasses," she reveals. "I'll go into a store and buy so many, even when I don't need them. I have a huge collection. It's not just that though. It's that sunglasses appeal to both men and women, so even if a pair is feminine, a man can still rock it and vice versa."

The founders announce whenever they’re coming to Egypt on the brand's Instagram page, at which point those interested can DM them for whatever order they’d like. Own the Trend accepts cash on delivery or online payments. Having started this as a result of their passion for sunglasses, they’re looking to bring Egypt fast-fashion, to

"We're always trying to think outside the box. We don't like the regular frames you can find anywhere. We want our buyers to have people wowed by their shades." 

Check out Own The Trend on Instagram.