Monday July 22nd, 2024
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Parliament Plans to Investigate Why Egypt’s National Team Flopped at the World Cup

Suffering and scrutiny seem to vehemently follow the virtually desecrated national football team ever since their turn on the World Cup turf.

Staff Writer

Parliament Plans to Investigate Why Egypt’s National Team Flopped at the World Cup

In what might be construed as a “beating a dead horse” type situation, Faraj Amer - Head of the Youth and Sports Committee of Parliament – together with a few other Parliamentarians, plan to launch a fact-finding committee to investigate the purported ‘violations’ by the Egyptian Football Association (EFA). They’re also keen on looking into accusations of bribery and corruption during the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

It seems an alarming number of parliamentarians are particularly vehement about this case. A call to hold all national team officials accountable for what transpired has been raised repeatedly. Though Hani Abo Rida - President of the EFA – is on board with holding the national team’s officials accountable for any and all violates submitted by the Youth and Sports Committee, Some MPs such as lawyer Tarek Mahmoud are throwing accusations at Abo Rida for purported squandering of public funds. Harsher actions such as dismissing all members of the EFA have been brought up by MP Soliman Al-Ameri – who has already filed a statement to the Prime Minister and the Youth Minister on the purported irregularities in the match.

Apart from basically sacking coach Hector Cuper for the team’s less than favourable defeat, the Committee of Youth and Sports seem to have their crosshairs set on any and every entity and individual involved with the blunder. We’re just hoping nothing too disastrous comes to light when the committee reconvenes for an investigatory meeting on the team’s failure this coming Monday.

Main image from Martin Meissner / AP.