Friday December 1st, 2023
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Egypt's First Poi-Exclusive Studios Just Opened in Downtown Cairo and October City

You can buy them, and learn how to use them all at Poi Beats studios.

Staff Writer

A mere few years ago, we didn’t have a very wide variety of options to learn a new skill. Today however, the recent generations of Egyptians have surpassed themselves in bringing reforms into the country, in ways of extracurricular activities. The market now offers everything from yoga, to pole dancing to drumming on the floor. Among the recent additions, a new player is making its way onto the scene; Poi.Poi - which originates from Maori culture - is a form of performance arts that sees its participants dancing with tethered weights in geometric and rhythmical pattern. And Poi Beats studio is the first of its kind in Egypt, in that it is dedicated strictly to Poi dance and sells all the required instruments; which are not officially sold in the country. While we're all for the calming effects yoga has on our auras, we think its time to dance around with lights and sway our hips to the beat. The Poi studio has branches both in Downtown Cairo and Sheikh Zayed.

Founder, Deena Samir, who's been practicing the artistic dance for five months now, has started teaching it with the hopes of one day founding her own Poi dance troupe.

"I've always wanted to be a musician of sorts but it didn't work out. I do understand beats though and I love dancing to the sound of these beats with lights. And I'm thinking I want to eventually form a team of dancers wherein we all dance with the same sequence and on beat. I want us to be performing as a group, not just as training,” says Samir.

While Poi beats had its soft opening a month ago, the first classes will start on Saturday 14th April.

Check out some POI moves in the video below

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