Monday December 11th, 2023
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156 Egyptian Railway Stations Undergo Significant Development and Renovation

These tired tracks could use some love.

Staff Writer

In a spot of stationary news this fine Saturday afternoon, The Egyptian Railway Authority has announced on Friday of a substantial process in the works aimed at bringing Egypt's oft-hazardous and outdated railway stations into 21st century standards. A total of EGP 1 billion has been injected into the effort, according to the Transport Authority's spokesman, Mohamed Ezz. This is just one facet of the Ministry's plans to revamp public services across the country.

As for the developments themselves, proper platforms complete with logistical and safety accoutrements, canopies for shade as well as inspection rooms will be installed, wheelchair access for special needs citizens will also be implemented, seating will see a substantial revamp, and structural integrity (concrete) will receive a good once-over. In addition, the broad electricity framework for all stations will receive some much-needed attention; civil protection preparations will also be instated.

As it stands, 23 stations are undergoing development for a total cost of EGP 451 million, of which 13 have been completed, and 10 pending completion by June of 2019. Improvements for the other 133 stations are set to cost EGP 626 million, 79 of which have been renovated, with 54 undergoing work.

Main image from flickr