Sunday 4 of December, 2022
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Ramla: Egyptian Nature Meets German Precision on the North Coast

Ramla Compound offers sea, sun, sand and serenity - all year round.

Staff Writer

It’s not every day that German developers build properties on the shores of the glorious Egyptian Mediterranean. They must’ve thought – where can we find the perfect white sand, crystal clear water, weather to die for all-year round, and just flat out peace of mind? The North Coast it is, then. And they’re not wrong.

The brainchild of GEC Real Estate, Ramla is a luxurious 375 acre compound, or should we say beach-side community, that was built for more than just summer holidays. The North Coast isn’t really a fan of seasons; it prefers to bask in the rejuvenating coastal sun all year round, and Ramla understands this. Many would argue that it’s more than just a compound; it’s a lifestyle, providing homes that are both beautiful and practical (thank you German engineering!) as nearly all your needs can be met without ever really needing to leave. Healthcare? Check. Schools? Check. Entertainment facilities, shops, sports centres, spas, top-notch restaurants? Check! You can even access the delicious Mediterranean beach without ever leaving your place of home. Is this paradise or what?

This postcard scenery gives off a truly laid back ambiance that makes one feel even more in utopia than they usually do when in the much-loved world that is the North Coast. The location was really chosen with precision, amongst natural cliffs and water so clear you won’t even need your snorkeling mask. Germans don’t leave anything to chance. This is more than a holiday home, it’s a place that you can go to all-year round, as many will want or even need a good break from the hustle and bustle of the fast-paced, stressful city life.

Although details are still scarce, Ramla was announced to the world with a special event at the LakeHouse in New Cairo that introduced the North Coast's newest addition - now we just play the waiting game.

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