Wednesday July 24th, 2024
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Egyptian MP Wants Religion Removed from National ID Cards

It's the second time this happens, will it go through this time?

Staff Writer

Egyptian MP Wants Religion Removed from National ID Cards

Egytian MP Ismail Nasr El-Din reportedly stated that he's working towards the removal of religious identification from national identification cards and other official governmental documents.

Nasr El-Din said that in order to achieve a civil state, the Parliament must start with official state documents. According to Egypt's 2014 constitution, all Egyptians have equal rights and duties.

“We have to commence with [amending] the official documents if we want to establish a civil state that respects the values of citizenship. We omitted, for instance, the mention of divorce on the national ID card and we have to [remove] the mention of religion,” El-Din said. Egyptian national IDs contain the carrier's profile, including details like age, residence address, education, marital status, and religious identity.

"President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi spoke in front of the whole world last week about freedom of belief and the right of every citizen to freedom or worship," Nasr El-Din added, refering to last week's World Youth Forum in which Sisi had said that he doesn't "differentiate between Muslims and Christians."

"This is a clear message from the president of the nation," Nasr El-Din said.  "We, as a legislative body, must convert what the president says into facts on the ground."

Nasr El-Din is working on swaying the rest of the Parliament into creating a draft bill.

This will be the second time that an MP attempts to omit religious identification on the national IDs in Egypt. In 2016, MP Alaa Abdel-Moneim drafted a similar bill; however it never went trough.

Main image from PhotoShelter.