Wednesday 7 of December, 2022
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WUZZUF Just Upped their Game to a Whole New Level

Getting a job might be a hellish ordeal, but WUZZUF's slick total revamp is going to flip the whole scene on its axis.

Staff Writer

One of the many caveats of being an adult in this waking world (besides a slower metabolism) is the realisation that you have to find a niche to fit into. Some find themselves in art, others in athleticism, but all of them have one thing in common; they focused on finding a gainful, rewarding career rather than just a job to pay the bills. For almost seven years now, folks have been turning to WUZZUF to find (and hopefully make) a satisfying living, all from the comfort of their computers and phones, and even though WUZZUF did its job more than well up till now, the industrious folks behind it saw a whole lot of room for improvement.

Enter the newest iteration of Egypt’s premier employment experience; WUZZUF’s newest (and most streamlined) iteration to date sees the website and app almost completely redesigned and fine-tuned for both regular Joe Schmoes like us, as well as Executive Director Schmoes like our future employers.

For You Bosses Out There

It’s 2018, friendos, everything is AI-driven now; phones, apps, chairs maybe and even a Saudi citizen, and since WUZZUF’s busy bees don’t like to lag too far behind, they’ve implemented an AI-powered assistant into their employer dashboard to help bosses the country over pick only the most viable candidates from their dazzling database; highlighting only the most relevant, proficient and high-profile applicants for the task at hand. This eliminates any blunders in the selection process, and saves valuable time for both employer and employee.

Rounding things off for employers the country over is the revamped Inbox 2.0; an extensively tried and tested layout that shows employers what they really want (and need) to see in their applicants. Gone are the days of sifting through hundreds of applications, now all you need to do is leisurely skim the good stuff at a glance, facilitating your actions one-by-one. Not only is it a lot easier to get around, but it’s also customizable to your heart’s content; with the ability to adjust each and every stage of recruitment to give any employer the kind of grasp they need to make a tedious process a lot more functional, and enjoyable.

For You Worker Bees Out There

It’s not all about the bosses though, us “professionals” also get a perk or two, chief of which is the new “explore” dashboard; a thoroughly streamlined reimagining of your standard WUZZUF dashboard with a slew of opportunities to grew, each customised to your own interests (not just the professional ones), strong suits and capabilities. WUZZUF isn’t about just finding a job anymore; it’s about giving you all the opportunities you need; it’s about helping you flourish into new heights. Your profile also got a pretty dandy overhaul as well; instead of having to wade through the stuff that isn’t as impactful as the rest, your brand-spanking new profile shows employers your core abilities and skillsets front and center, highlighting the juiciest of tidbits to catch your future boss’s attention (and their eyes, heart and soul).

The hardworking folks at WUZZUF work tirelessly to optimise each and every facet of Egypt’s prime online employment platform, and all this neat stuff is just the beginning; more will follow, and what’s already there will keep being worked on for as long as feasible. Everything is meticulously researched, tested, retested and tested again on hundreds of subjects, all to guarantee the smoothest, most promising employment process out there. You don’t just get a $1.7 million funding round from Vostok New ventures and Piton Capital and wind up on Forbes’s Middle East’s top 100 Arab startups of 2017 for being subpar for being subpar, and neither will you be with WUZZUF’s newest revamps. So log back in an find yourself a career friendo, you have a future (and dreams) to realise and a whole heap of time and effort to do it.

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