Sunday June 16th, 2024
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Ring Road Roundup: Good News, Bad News

The bane of everybody’s commuting experience is undergoing some positive long term changes, but not without a hassle.

Staff Writer

Ring Road Roundup: Good News, Bad News

We’ve got a spot of good news regarding one of Cairo's many necessary evils; as of the advent of this coming March, all variations of heavy transport truck (lorries, cargo trucks and the like) will be officially banned from using the main Ring Road. Instead, they will gradually be herded onto the alternative 'Regional Ring Road' – which currently spans 345 kilometres with only 55 more to go before full completion. With heavy transport and traffic off the main Ring Road, it’ll be easier for road authorities to perform proper (and much needed) maintenance, not to mention curbing the frequency of the gruesome accidents that the ring road is unfortunately infamous for.

Said new 'Regional Ring Road' will be completed sometime in mid-May, hopefully before the start of Ramadan, with construction of the remaining sections of the road having been significantly boosted in order to ensure proper completion on time.

On a less positive note though, Egypt’s Traffic Authority has blocked access to the Remaya exit from the direction of Maryouteya for an entire month. The temporary closure is due to the construction and preparation of the Grand Egyptian Museum. However, as a temporary solution to the closure and ensuing traffic problems, the intersection of the Ring Road with the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road will instead be used to remedy the situation; two lanes under the desert road and under the Ring Road will be used to direct traffic to Remaya square, diverging into a four-lane road.

So for those of you who need to get to Remaya Square despite the circumstances; take the Mohammed Hegazy exit on your way from Maryouteya, go along Mohammed Hegazy Road and taking a left onto the Cairo-Alexandria road, taking another left towards Remaya Square underneath the Ring Road. Simple. Right?