Sunday December 10th, 2023
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There’s Something About Rosemary: Everyone's Trying to Figure Out the Secret Behind Knorr's Invite

Influencers around the country have been waking up to the rousing fragrance of fresh rosemary - but no one knows why.

Staff Writer

Often times, we show up to the office in the morning, eyes barely open, to find gifts – a perk of parading as a ‘writer’ in the name of CairoScene. This can range from everything from clothes and accessories, to cooking utensils, to customised stools.

This time round, however, we kicked off our week with a nose-ful of rosemary. Let us explain.

As has been popping up across social media, CairoScene too received an adorable little pot of fresh rosemary emblazoned by the name of one of the big players of food in Egypt, Knorr, which is actually an invite. At the hands of some of the country’s biggest influencers, these lil’ pots of sunshine have started to flood Instagram and Facebook under the hashtag #الخيرمابيخلصش (just some minor water damage, luckily, no structural issues) as Knorr kracks out another kooky, ker-azy initiative. In previous years, Knorr’s Kamel Karamak project has worked to feed thousands of Egyptians in need, but this year, Knorr looks like it’s doing something different.

Keeping their cards close to their chest (wink wink, nudge nudge) Knorr has revealed little thus far. Right now, we know the name - El Kheir Mabyekhlas-sh (good doesn’t end) – but we don’t know the game. If good doesn’t end, as the name says, then what happens to it? What happens when the dyst settles? What happens when Ramadan is over? All we do know is that we and the likes of Lamis El Hadidi and Dorra Zarrouk have been invited to a super-secret event on Tuesday 12 June where all will be revealed.

Stay tuned…

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