Saturday 26 of November, 2022
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Egyptians React to Mo Salah’s Infuriatingly Sleazy Injury

A star rose to an opportunity, giving millions the world over hope of a new dawn for football. Hope looks dim now, and rage seems limitless.

Staff Writer

We’re going to come a bit cleaner than usual and publicly announce something; none of us are actual football fans. Hardly any of us know the moves, the lingo or the history behind it, but we do know our fair share of names (tricks of the trade), and recently, we’ve developed something that we didn’t think powerful enough; we genuinely love Mohamed Salah. Not because he’s the best there is right now in the biz, not because of his looks, not because of anything that merits as unreal a following as he commands, but because he’s just a guy, a regular guy, with legs of platinum, and a heart of gold.

So to see him succumb to what we can only describe as the most unjust, disgustingly poor show of sportsmanship in recent times, only three weeks before Egypt’s premier match in the World Cup, was as much an immense heartbreak to Salah fans the world over as it was to the Egyptian King himself. Though we cannot even begin to imagine what’s going on in our boy’s head, what we can do is show support to the superstar, and highlight the seething fury towards the increasingly revolting actions of Real Madrid thug, Sergio Ramos.

Egypt’s Celebrities Say their Piece

Much like the rest of us, Egypt’s bigger names have expressed their unbridled anger at the disheartening event in a variety of ways on the intertubes, starting with billionaire supreme and occasional odd t-shirt wearer, Naguib Sawiris.

Aptly put, fam.

Even the most cheerful folks among us couldn’t help but feel disgusted at the act, like Egypt’s resident king of comedy, Mohamed Henedy

"May you burn only to see the firemen rescuing you find no water, so you run around like a mad man only to be hit by a tour bus and throw yourself in the sea, only to be hit by a luxury steamer...Only to be taken to a hospital with a gas leak so it explodes, with everybody making it to safety except you."

Farida Osman had a thing or two to say as well

Ayten Amer certainly had a bit of business to poke at

Fathy Abdel Wahab put it quite well.

Amir Karara is a lot more tame than what we're used to seeing him do, but a good show nonetheless.

Menna Shalaby showing us that exemplary good faith of hers.

Ahmed El Saka keeps it straightforward.


Mido gives us an insight into what may or may not have been the case.


Egypt's Masses Rage On

It isn't just stars waving pitchforks and torches around, the mild-mannered folks of Egypt also have a thing or two to get off their chests. Whether it's slightly not safe for work or a humorous situational take via memes, you can still pretty much feel the anger and pure disbelief that these people are going through.

Some were elegant.

 Others were a bit more colourful.


"May you fall in an open manhole and not find a single rate to save you."

Some used emotional blackmail.

The contrast is quite enlightening.

Mohamed Elsayed: [REDACTED]

Some took a higher path.

It wasn't just Egypt either.

There's even a petition to give Ramos his just dues.

There might still be hope for a happier ending though.

Regardless of everything, anything at all, they now what matters most.

Get well soon, champ, we love you no matter what the hell happens.