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A Kuwaiti Preacher Thinks Mo Salah's Injury was Divine Punishment

The story of a man playing God

Salah’s injury in the Champions League final was an act of punishment from God for not fasting on that day, according to Kuwaiti preacher Mubarak Al-Bathali.

The Kuwaiti claimed that while Salah is religiously permitted to break his fast due to travel, doing so for the game was worthy of punishment from the man upstairs.


Translation: "The player Mohammed Salah decided to play for Liverpool without fasting, as he claimed, and so God punished him ... No thoughtful man, especially not a Muslim, can think that life is managed by reason and effort, but life is in the hands of God and it flourishes as he wishes, whether man strives hard or not... May God guide you, Muhammad Salah, and perhaps it is good for you in all aspects of life..."

I can already hear the collective gasp that the Kuwaiti’s closing statement ("perhaps it is good for you’’) forced out of Egyptians, who are wishing Salah can recover in time for Egypt's first World Cup in 28 years. 

While he believes Salah was punished, it is Ramos that many fans would like to see disciplined. As of today, the petition to push UEFA to investigate into the malicious foul has gained more than 500,000 signatures, and an official at UEFA's Ethics Committee claimed that they were in fact investigating the incident and would consider dishing out a punishment to the Real Madrid star.

Thankfully, Salah’s injury will not keep him out of the World Cup; he will miss the first two opening games, but will return in the game that Egypt realistically has most chances of grabbing 3 points from, against Saudi Arabia on June 25th, according to ESPN.  

Main image from Anfield HQ