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Samsung's Latest Phone is About to Up Your IG Game with its ‘Triple Camera’

The A7 has triple camera and an ultra wide lens that'll make an influencer out of anyone.

Samsung A7

Let's face it -while we've all dreamed of switching off our phones and spending a day with no communication, realistically we know we can't afford to mess up our IG game by going MIA for a whole day and, honestly, without our phones who even are we? These indispensable little gadgets have become our life and when taken away from us or god forbid, when we run out of battery, a slew of mini-anxiety attacks are sure to ensue. Our phones carry with them our worlds, our memories, and of course GPS. So when it comes to picking a phone, the decision is not one to be taken lightly. And what's more, with social media being at the centre of everything, our phone cameras are not  joking matter. And Samsung knows it. 

Equipped with a Triple Camera and ultra-wide lens, Samsung's latest phone, the Galaxy A7, is every Instagammer's dream. The first smart phone with a triple camera feature, the A7 grants the photographer a variety of options and angles. Basically, the phone won't even require you to use filters when posting that epic picture of you at the Niagara falls, Barcelona's Gothic quarter or outside of Hardee's in Zamalek.And in case, you're not sure what an Ultra-wide lens means for your IG game, allow us to explain. It basically allows the photographer to view at a human eye angle and capture the scene exactly as the user sees it with minimal restrictions. Galaxy A7 has also got a 24MP lens and depth lens with a live focus feature where the user can control the depth of field to create stunning photos. Samsung launched the Galaxy A7 with a bang at their 3xFun, where international R&B and UK garage legend, Craig Dave performed for the first time in Egypt. The concert took place at uptown Cairo and was a private event that saw the city's creme de la creme doing it up old school. 

Head of Marketing, Omar Badrawi adds that “With a powerful rear triple camera, sleek design and must-have everyday features, the innovative Galaxy A7 is the ultimate device for life. The Galaxy A7 is a continuation of our commitment to deliver meaningful innovations to all consumers across the Galaxy family. What’s more exciting, also, is that we know that innovation has no end."

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