Tuesday March 21st, 2023
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This Egyptian Artist Will Add Some Serious Swag to Your Cars, Bikes, and Helmets

Sarah Diab takes it as her mission to pimp out Cairo's streets and rides.

Staff Writer

There's nothing we appreciate more than uncovering artists yet to be touched by capitalism. We came across Sarah Diab, a self-taught Egyptian artist who took to the streets of Cairo to leave her experimental and kinda-steampunk print on people's vehicles.

Diab, 24, draws and paints on a range of items that include cars, car parts, minivans, motorbikes, helmets, food vendors, and more. Like most artists today, Diab began with doodling, then found the hobby gradually developing into painting on cars and bikes. Diab said that she usually uses two paint brushes and acrylic paint to execute her work, instead of how people usually use water transferring. The concept of having your art displayed in public and transported everywhere was striking for Diab, who also draws portraits of people and wall murals.

As an artist who works on her own, Diab tells us that it could take from three to 11 days to complete a project depending on its size. The process is elaborate and time-consuming, beginning all the way from outlining and perfecting the lines. However, Diab—like gym buffs—believes that gold medals are made out of sweat, blood and tears.

Painting on cars is not a common pastime in Egypt, and it could be because of the expensive paint involved to sustain the recreation, or the law which requires your car to be the same color as registered in your car’s licence.

Diab also does wall murals

Diab continues her leisure, however, disregarding obstacles, and finding routes to make her gratifying pastime work out. She created her own formula out of local paint products to make the venture more sustainable and the execution easily feasible.

Check out more of Sarah Diab’s work on her Facebook page here and her Instagram here.