Monday December 11th, 2023
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Schneider to Build a ‘Knowledge City’ within Egypt's New Administrative Capital

We’re wondering if they can make the new capital float in the air like in Avengers: Ultron.

Staff Writer

Egypt’s new capital is certainly shaping up to be a modern-day marvel with each new grand addition to its walled-off grandeur. So to continue along the same shiny vein, a collaboration between the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology and renowned energy management provider, Schneider Electric, is set on building the country’s first "Technological Knowledge City" over a 301 feddan area within the new capital.

Source: Think Marketing

According to statements from Minister Yasser El-Kady, the "city" will act as an easily accessible and high-tech learning platform, where technical expertise and technological knowledge can flow freely between interested parties, as well as contribute to the establishment of several "smart" cities within its vast confines. Several yet-to-be-named companies and conglomerates will also be joining hands in this venture as well as its subsidiaries.

The details are still being hashed out between the Ministry and Schneider, but with the preliminaries pretty much set up, the city’s first stage should see completion within the coming two years. What’s next for the grand new capital? Pulsed-energy defences? Nano-Ta3meyya? A working drainage system? God only knows the kinds of technological cornerstones that lie in wait for the new star of Egypt.

Main photo from Cairo From Below.