Saturday September 23rd, 2023
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Bummer: Not all Schools Will Get Election Days Off

Previously circulated news about a vacation period due to the upcoming elections have been dubbed ‘inaccurate’ by the ISDC.

Staff Writer

Not too long ago, various news outlets and online media platforms (such as ourselves) reported that an “official” 3-day vacation had been issued to all schools throughout the nation, to be used exclusively as polling places in the upcoming presidential elections on the 26th. However, according to a statement from the Information Decision and Support Center on Tuesday, the Ministry of Education denied any rumours of nationwide days off.

The Ministry iterated further that only designated schools that will hold electoral committees will be given days off, while regular teaching activities continue in schools that aren’t part of the voting process, with compensatory courses to be given to students of schools receiving days off, in order to keep national study plans on track. Sucks to be you, kid.

Enjoy your schooldays while you can, humble students of Egypt; because one day, adulthood will come at you like a starving weasel running towards a rack of lamb, and you yourself will be part of the voting process, as well as the process of adult life. Then and only then will you learn what true regret is.

Main Image: World Food Programme.