Wednesday February 8th, 2023
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Another Dead Dolphin Has Been Found Washed-Up on an Alexandrian Beach

The residents of the coastal city were found trying to cut-up the dolphin's carcass to sell.

Staff Writer

A dead dolphin weighing about 20kg was found on the shores of Abuqir Beach, Alexandria this weekend, marking the second time this year that a dolphin has been found in the area, reports Egypt Independent.

Head of National Institute for Oceanography and Fisheries, Ahmed Hegazy, adds that the Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency as well as the National Institute for Oceanography and Fisheries, were called to look into the death and stop attempts by residents of cutting the dolphin’s carcass apart.

According to witnesses, the dolphin was hit by a boat and, once washed up, residents attempted to cut it apart and with the intention of selling the meat in Mamoura Market. While attempts of cutting up the whole dolphin were thwarted, parts of its tail and fins had been removed.

Abdel Halim adds that the institute's Emergency and Rapid Intervention Committee has already been called to analyse the details and formulate a report.

Earlier this year, a dolphin belonging to the short-beaked common dolphin species and weighing about 70kg, was found on Tulip Beach in Alexandria. Said dolphin was embalmed and placed in the Museum of stuffed animals for display, as reported by Egypt Today.

Main Image: Media3.almasryalyoum