Thursday June 8th, 2023
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New Egyptian Service Lets You Swap Your Old Clothes With Others

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Staff Writer

Nowadays, your typical, mainstream mall shops definitely offer some nice clothes, but the problem is that you will often end up at a party with another person wearing the same piece of clothing as you. And no one wants that. Also, most of us have some nice clothes that are just gathering dust at the back of your wardrobe, such as the oversized polo from Tante Azza that you got five years ago. Second-hand fashion is growing in popularity, though Egypt is still lagging behind in that department.

Why not change the way you shop? And freshen your whole wardrobe while you're at it?

Swapit is a new website that now allows you to sell the clothes that have been chilling at the back of your closet for ages, and would actually appreciate some attention. Exchange your well-known brand clothing for something else or sell it for “cash credit’’ that is valid for six months. All you need to do is make sure that the clothes are in very good condition, contact the Swapit team either via their website, Facebook, or Instagram page with the size, brand name, and picture of your neglected piece of clothing. You will be contacted by someone from the team with an estimate value of your item(s).

"The idea hit me last year while I was standing in front of my wardrobe, and realising that I have some well-known brand clothes that I literally don't wear or use, like a gift from a friend, others that don't fit, some that were shipped by accident, etc. Some even still had their price tags! In the same time, I got a flashback of my friends and family complaining about high prices, and how many can't afford these exorbitant prices anymore. So I thought, wouldn't it be great if I could exchange these clothes in my wardrobe for others that I really want and use? That's how the idea was born", Shady Abd Rabo, founder of Swapit, said to CairoScene. 

"By looking through statistics and business revenues, I found that countries in North Africa such as Tunisia and Morocco make up to $5 billion a year with this business, but in Egypt it's still an unexplored business", he added.


But isn't wearing someone else's close kind of icky?

Swapit thought of that before you; all the clothes they receive are given the love they deserve, by going through strong sterilisation, washing, and ironing processes to make sure you receive your product nice and clean, almost as good as new.  

The website is extremely user-friendly, full of brand-new looking clothes from popular brands.

So yalla, get to browsing, or better yet, go dig in your wardrobe – your old clothes deserve better than that. It’s time to let them go.

Check out their Website, Instagram, and Facebook

Source for main image: Unknown