Friday 9 of December, 2022
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Celebrate International Beer Day with Even More Beer at The Tap

“Beauty lies in the eyes of the beerholder.”

Staff Writer

We feel that it's our civic duty – nay - our privilege to inform those unaware to the impending arrival of International Beer Day. Yes, friendos, every first Friday of August is a worldwide celebration of one of Earth’s finest, purest and most wholesome of beverages; beer. Whether you’re into lagers, pale ales or even weizens, you can show your love for the golden brew in whatever fashion you want. But if you know better than most, you’ll know that The Tap celebrates their beer like none other in Cairo.

This coming Friday, on August 3, the combined might of all The Taps will be stocking way more adult happy-juice than usual to prepare for their coveted buy-one-get-one-free deal throughout the day on any beer of your choosing. Just like all things in life though (especially the good things), it ends; and in The Tap’s case, you can swim in extra beer till 10PM.

We’re sure you had plans and responsibilities and adult whatnot, but surely you can make time for a celebration befitting royalty, no? Surely you can. Make sure you can swing by The Tap this Friday with your friends, family, and any spirits that might be haunting you and douse them all in a river of liquid glory.

Images from Cairo Zoom