Friday February 23rd, 2024
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Timberland Are Giving 200 EGP Vouchers For Old Clothes and Donating Them to Syrian Refugees

Find out how you can help the Fahd Foundation and get an wardrobe upgrade too.

Staff Writer

When it comes to giving back to the community, the process if often not as transparent as you’d hope. In layman’s terms, you can never be completely sure how, when and even if your donations are getting to their intended targets.

With Timberland’s new initiative, however, the popular brand has made things easy and breezy – and given people an extra incentive, too. All you have to is donate old clothes any Timberland store and you’ll get a 200LE voucher to be used on any Timberland footwear.

More importantly, however, your clothes are going to a very good cause – the Fard Foundation to be exact, which helps Syrian refugees in Egypt. Unlike so many initiatives, Timberland have been very open about the process, which starts at the many drop-off points at Timberland stores. From there, the clothes are delivered to a sorting location, before being taken to and given out at one of Fard’s Clothing Fairs.

It’s a simple initiative, but the best ones often are and there’s no bureaucratic mumbo-jumbo; you give and those in need receive, with no complications in between.

The initiative will continue till the end of June– so start raiding your wardrobes. For more information, check out Timberland on Facebook.

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