Tuesday March 21st, 2023
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Give Your Hair a Quick Glam Redo at TRESemmé's Seaside Salon Experience

Put your hair concerns away, because TRESemmé's quick fix booth is here to save the day.

Staff Writer

TRESemmé is bringing the salon experience all the way to where you're partying. Starting this Thursday in the North Coast, you can get a quick fix at TRESemmé's booths, where they will have your back and up your look with a trick or two, to make sure you look fab on your night out. The booths will be located at Kiki's Beach Bar at Hacienda, and U Bistro & Bar at Bianchi.

The booths' services will give you a quick revamp, rather than spending ages in the bathroom checking every angle in the mirror. In a matter of minutes, the enterprising hair care company will grant you that front-cover magazine look.

                                Chez Richard | Instagram                                                                  Rabie Mrad | Instagram

In addition to the North Coast buzz, TRESemmé will also be launching three weekend competitions over the next three weeks. Every Thursday, TRESemmé , along with Egypt's finest hair stylists Chez Richard and Rabie Mrad, will be selecting a hairdo. The challenge is to execute the same style; the judges, Richard and Mrad, will be announcing the winners on their Instagram accounts.


The winners get to go home with TRESemmé’s very own beauty kit full of hair products essential to your hair care routine. The winners can expect to see some coconut-filled and low-sulfate goodies; if you’ve been following the natural hair trend, then you’d be sure to know that sulfate is no good for hair—especially curls. Most hair products in the market contain sulfate, which is a compound found in hair products that cleanses your hair, but also strips natural oils in the process.

How do I participate in the competition?

Step 1: Follow TRESemmé's Facebook and Instagram pages, Chez Richard Beauty Salon's Facebook and Instagram pages, and Rabie Mrad Beauty Lounge's Facebook and Instagram pages.

Step 2: Wait for TRESemmé's hairdo challenge at the beginning of each week. The challenge is to imitate their hairstyle, and then upload it onto your Instagram account.

Step 3: Tag TRESemmé, Chez Richard, and Rabie Mrad on the Instagram post.

Step 4: Use the #TRESemmeXSahel hashtag on your caption.

Step 5: Keep your eyes peeled, 'cause Chez Richard and Rabie Mrad will be posting the winners on their pages!

Happy styling!

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