Friday 2 of December, 2022
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Driving in Sahel Just got a Whole Lot Safer

Because a flat tire doesn't need to ruin your trip to Sahel...

Staff Writer

Ok, so you’re on the highway to go party in Sahel, tunes are blasting, your friends are chattering in the back, you’re driving so fast that you feel like you’re flying, and suddenly, your car coughs a little, slows down, and just stops for good. A collective gasp ensues. You are now officially the trip’s number one buzzkill. Your car surely doesn’t appreciate Egyptian streets, its unevenness and its potholes. And it might let you know that, on the middle of the highway, in pitch black darkness.

That’s when UberRescue comes in handy. So if your tire’s out – who you gonna' call? UberRescue!


Uber has teamed up with the good folks at Nacita Auto Care to wipe those tears off your eyes and allow you to get back on the road faster than you would’ve anticipated.

You don’t even need to download a new app. UberRescue operates on the Uber app , and just like for car-hailing, is really simple and user-friendly; just enter a dummy destination or skip destination, click on the #UberRescue icon, and you’re good to go. Help will be on the way, your friends will stop putting all the blame on you, and the night that once turned lifeless will be revived before you know it.

The services they provide include car maintenance or tire change, professional car washes, and much more, and they’re available from 1 PM to 1 AM every day.

For more information on UberRescue, click here.