Friday 2 of December, 2022
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Unfold Events Brings Back the Glory Days of Cairo Cabarets

Get ready to be transported to Egypt's golden age as Unfold Events turn the Temple into a classy cabaret come Thursday, 14th May.

Staff Writer

When you think about the word 'cabaret' - the Egyptian kind of cabareeh, not the French jazz kind of cabaret - you'll probably think about seedy scenes of filthy rich men throwing money about, noisy tunes, awkward interactions, horrible drinks and even worse memories of the night. If you're a lady, you've likely never even stepped into a cabaret. If you're a man, you'll likely deny you've ever been to one. However, all of that is about to change as Unfold Events return with a party designed to bring back the true glamour of Egypt's traditional and long-gone nightlife scene on Thursday, 14th May.

The survival of the cabaret scene rests firmly on the shoulders of the notorious Samakmak. Samakmak encompasses cabaret life to the tee, from the oriental mysterious vibe, to the talented belly dancers with their bling embellished costumes, so it makes sense that Unfold Events with team up with the high-end cabaret for this night. The riches of cabaret brought on by Samakmak will flood Nile Pharoah's the Temple venue. Those who have been to the Temple before, there’s a likely chance you won’t recognise it as you walk into a true, hardcore Egyptian cabaret night. Leading Samakmak's troupe of professional belly dancers on this night will be none other than the talented Amie who's been known to put on one hell of a show. Providing the musical entertainment is another exuberant performer and one of the few females names on Egypt's Shaabi music scene, the one, the only Poussy. 

Entrance to the party will be reserved for couples and mixed groups only. Tickets will be 350 LE per person, while tables begin from 2000 LE (excluding ticket prices). Call 02-26422298/97 for reservations or click here for more details.