Tuesday 6 of December, 2022
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People are Unknowingly Buying Fake Visas to Egypt

With how simple it is to obtain an Egyptian visa these days, one wonders why or how anyone would fall for this.

Staff Writer

Yes, you read that correctly; Fake visas for Egypt of all places.

Security services at The Ministry of Interior have issued a statement warning people of an American scheme offering fake visas to Egypt online, through a website going under the name “GCL Internet Services.” Who knows what this guy was on when he came up with this ludicrous idea? While most people are trying to leave the country, he offers the exact opposite - for double the price one would pay to obtain the visa legally. Is it really that difficult for foreigners to get a visa here? Not really, no; given how you could get it all done online and for about $25 a pop. While the official number of expat arrivals to Egypt is not readily available, the percentage is definitely on the low end of things. Surely the geniuses behind this scheme could have come up with a more lucrative business idea?

After some expert investigative journalism, it appears that this site is posing as an official source, making the would-be victims unaware that the visa they have purchased is illegitimate, and that their entry to Egypt will definitely be swiftly denied. Scams such as these are common all over the globe, and even here in Egypt; though this one is a little more sophisticated than the usual "cabbies with no change" (or a busted metre) and other street rip-offs that you find here. Technology has permitted much more sophisticated scams than in the past.

To avoid getting scammed by the dim-witted among us, apply for a quick, easy and official Egyptian visa here.

Photo from Jammin Global Adventures.