Tuesday 6 of December, 2022
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Cancel Your Friday Plans (Again) Because White Bay is Hosting a Huge Event (Again)

The North Coast compound is hitting the road for a Bedouin-chic adventure.

Staff Writer

While we love our sahel weekends, the endless nights of partying can become a bit of a routine that we'd like to break out of every now and then. And White Bay's Bedouin Dinner night scratches just the right itch. Replacing the candles for a fire show and the tables for tents, the Sidi Heneish compound is giving its diners an authentic bedouin experience with a White Bay twist. So forget your calorie count on Friday 17th of August and experience dining the way our forefathers did it....well, almost. 

Taking full advantage of its beautiful shores, the dinner will be by the sea and includes a bedouin show and entertainment by Dina El Weddidy and DJ Khaled Hussein. Starting at 4 PM, the festivities will go on until 9 PM. They've even got you covered for transportation with SWVL buses that'll be picking up guests at White Bay's showroom in Livio's. Beach, dinner, fire shows and the sunsets seem like a pretty good deal to liven up our sahel-living and break the routine.

Speaking of sunsets by the sea, White Bay is home to some of Sahel’s most breathtaking scenery with crystal waters and golden sands that feed into the compound's focus on wellness. Being host to the clearest waters in all of the North Coast is only the tip of the iceberg though. They've got a range of villas to suit all tastes, including standalone villas, town-houses, junior and superior chalets and their signature Sky Villas. Fusing sleek modern architecture with nature, The Sidi Heneish compounds seems to have gotten the balance just right. For those of us looking to upgrade or simply to retreat to a less noise-polluted paradise away from the city, White Bay will have a stand alone villa mock-up that you can check out for yourselves to help make up your minds. 

With an open lagoon right in the middle, the retreat is categorised into five yogi zones, Zen, Mantra, Soul, Karma and Nirvana; with wellness beginning in Karma. Easily accessible through Fuka road, White Bay is in close proximity to international airports. You know, in case you want to make a quick getaway to Milan or the south of France.

And if you have any doubts about White Bay's party credentials, you needn't look further than last week's rather fab All White Brunch, which featured the talents of retro Arabic twosome, Disco Misr, and the always charming Hassan Ramzy. Bring on Dina and Khaled!

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