Tuesday 6 of December, 2022
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Wigglz: The Egyptian App Every Pet Owner Should Have

If our furry friends are happy, then we're happy.

Staff Writer

Is there any better feeling than coming home after a long hectic day at work to be greeted at the door by a cute little fur ball? We don't even think our own parents are ever as excited to see us. Our pets are the ones who keep us company after having had a rough day, who'll give us unconditional attention and who'll get us out of the house to catch some sun even when we don't want to. In Egypt, while there is a growing community of pet owners, many of the services required to ensure that your furry best friend gets all the necessary care and attention aren't always available. Or are they? Egyptian app, Wigglz is the new platform that connects pet owners to every kind of service for their companion. As it turns out, there are more services and activities for man's best friend than we'd previously thought.The Wigglz app which will be launching with an event on the 16th of November at Maadi's Bardo Club House, was founded by two pet owners, Mohammed Eissa and Yahia Houta. It all happened when Eissa and Houta decided to be the change they wanted to see in the pet community. Throughout the preparation period for their app, they got to find out quite a few services already offered in Egypt that aren't know to many. 

"We want to cater to the problems many pet owners face in Egypt, in terms of food supply, accessories, vets and everything in between. For example, if a pet owner is moving from Maadi to Tagamoa, then we can connect them to the vets in that area," says Eissa. "And in getting the app set up, we found so many other services we didn't even know existed in Egypt. There's a club for dogs here and they've got all sort of activities including swimming. They've got a huge field where the dogs can play and they've got trainers. We didn't even realise this concept existed in Egypt until we started this project and that's the sort of thing we want to shed light on." 

The app, which is a platform that connects pet owners to everything from vets to dog hotels to training centers, also gives its patrons an option to donate to charity. “From day one, my partner and I agreed that if we were going to help then we wanted to actually be helping. We want to give part of our profits to charity," explains Eissa. "I live in Tagamoa and every night a street dog is waiting for me at 9:30 pm so can I give him food, play with him for a while then go home. It happened once and now he comes all the time but you can only do so much. What about the rest of the street animals? So for us, it’s not just about helping the community, we want to help as many animals as we can in Egypt. So we have a call to action button for anyone who wants to donate to charity."

The idea for the app was first born when the two founders found themselves facing problems when it came to their own pet. One issue most pet owners can relate to is the endless search for a good vet that both you and your furry buddy are comfortable with. Wigglz provides its clientele with the option to book vet appointments through the app and the vets are based on a user-rated system."You’ll have the rating of the vet to help you decide. All the services on the app are user rated. If you go to the vet and you find that things aren’t sanitised or he treats the animal negligently, example, you can rate him," says Eissa. "We want to cater everything from A to Z. So basically even information you'd need about for training is there. When I had a dog seven years ago, for example, I faced this problem. I didn’t know that he was being trained wrong because he’d be getting orders from me as well as the doorman giving him wrong orders when I’m not around and so on.”

For the launch of their event, Wigglz will have activations and activities for the animal, where a vet and a trainer registered on the app will be available to answer any questions and queries. The event will be pet-centric with influencers and invitees coming along with their furry friends. 

“We're catering to man's best friend essentially.We want to make the life of the pet better and that of the owner easier.”

Did we mention that the invitations for the launch event are made out to the pet and not the owner. How adorable is that? We're sold. 

Check it out on Instagram.  

Photography from ‘Guys and Dogs: Our Favourite Egyptian Men And Their Furry Best Friends’ photo shoot by @MO4Network's #MO4Productions.