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Your Laptops Can Now Be Instagrammable Too Thanks to This Quirky Egyptian Brand

Mirror, mirror on the wall, whose laptop is the most Instagrammable of them all?

Yawza Egyptian Laptop Accessories Brand

Another day, another Instagram account to obsess about. Why are we obsessing, you ask? Because Yawza’s sole purpose is to make our lives more adorbz and just plain cheerful using laptop sleeves, pouches and notebooks - and we’re 100% here for it.

“The brand is an exclamation that means ‘simply wow,” Mazen Ashour, one of the masterminds behind the playful business, tells us. “Our journey started a year and a half ago in 2017 when two friends, Yara Hesham and I, believed in the power of design and how it can simply make everyone’s day a little more cheerful.”

Yawza uses art and creativity as tools to make their customers stand out with Instagrammable products in a sea filled with nothing but 'basic'. Their designs - often inspired by pop culture, floral patterns or food (their shawerma sleeve is a forever mood) – are all proudly made in Egypt by local artisans.

The prices of their products are quite reasonable, with laptop sleeves ranging from EGP 285 to EGP 335, and notebooks for EGP 35 to EGP 60. If you can’t be bothered to slide into their DMs to get your newest Instagrammable product, you can find them at AlMaqarr Coworking Space or Seven Stars Stationary. Oh, and they plan to launch their collection of laptop plastic covers soon.