Monday December 11th, 2023
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Egyptian Film Takes the Jury Award at the Arab Cinema Festival in Paris

Two Egyptian directors walked into ACF this year, and one walked out with a prize.

Staff Writer

Just this week at the Arab Cinema Festival (ACF) taking place at the Institut de Monde Arabe, Egyptian documentary El Naht Fel Zaman (‘Sculpting in Time’) received the Jury Award.

The short documentary, directed by Youssef Nasser and produced by RedStar, tells the story of the work and life of Nagy Shaker—the grand puppet maker behind the 1960s classic El Leila El Kebeera. The film was nominated by the jury, which featured Faouzi Bensaidi from Morocco, Fatima Al-Banawi from Saudi Arabia, and Mohamed Hefzy from Egypt.

ACF, directed this year by Palestinian star Hiam Abbass for the first time, featured almost 80 kinds of films from the Arab region; shorts, documentaries and features coming from different kinds of genres were screened at the festival from June 28 to July 8.

Egyptian director Tamer El-Ashry also participated in this competition, screening his short film Photocopy

Main image taken from Cultural Development Fund.