Wednesday December 6th, 2023
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Egypt Bans Friday Sermons at Mosques Smaller Than 80 Metres

With Egypt's battle to fight terrorism, the ministry's latest move is attempting to crush terrorist groups before they even begin.

Staff Writer

It is now no longer permissible to pray in small mosques (zawayas), according to a statement issued from the Ministry of Religious Endowments. This comes as a move to tighten security on religious extremism, which might or might not originate in these religious corners.

Mohamed Mokhtar Goma'a, the Minister of Religious Endowments, explained that if a group wants to meet and pray at a zawaya, that they would have to obtain a license of some sort from the ministry.

Due to recent terrorist attacks happening in the country, the ministry has taken the decision to tighten control on these weekly prayer groups to have a better scrutiny on their activities.

The Religious Endowments Ministry revealed their plan on renovating the oldest mosque from each governorate in order to develop its facilities. That way, the sermons will be more governed and accessible to the public.

Main image from Wikimedia Commons.