Friday June 14th, 2024
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From A to ZED: The Holistic New Compound Breathing New Life into Sheikh Zayed

65-acre park? Yes please.

Staff Writer

From A to ZED: The Holistic New Compound Breathing New Life into Sheikh Zayed

Cookie-cutter compounds in Egypt are a dime a dozen; modern design meets the promise of open, green spaces, meets catchy billboard on the Mehwar. It’s become something of a crowded market as the city continues to expand outwards away from the centre of Cairo and each battles to stand out from the rest, most doing so unsuccessfully.

In ZED, however, real estate developer, Ora, is cooking up something pretty special in Sheikh Zayed and it’s headed by none other than Naguib Sawiris. As the first real estate project in Sheikh Zayed by Sawiris, ZED is being built around a vast 65 acre park – the biggest in Sheikh Zayed of its kind - which is being developed in partnership with the renowned landscape architects of WATG & Melk.

Aside from offering stunning views wherever you are in the compound, the park feeds into Ora’s aim of forming ZED as a mixed-use development that combines holistic architecture, intricate designs and top-notch finishings, as well as a host of amenities, as well as the simple yet seemingly elusive idea that open, green spaces equals a type of happiness that you just can’t put your finger on.

As a compound, ZED will offer fully finished apartments the first of which will be delivered within four years. But you know what they say – some things in life are worth the wait.

Stay up-to-date with ZED on Instagram or via the official Ora website.

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