Thursday December 7th, 2023
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A Few Quotes Egyptians should Read Before Shipping Off to University

Sometimes, you find inspiration in the oddest of places. Other times, it’s from a university, go figure.

Staff Writer

We here at Cairoscene love education; you get to know maths, funky sciences, languages, things, but most importantly, discipline. Though life is, by and large, the greatest teacher out there, it doesn’t necessarily guarantee you a corner office, and seeing as youths these days get most of their education from inspirational quotes and sayings (courtesy of their rich friends), we've decided to follow suite.

We like our friends over at Zewail City for their continuous leaps and bounds in quality, pioneering education, and seeing as we believe in their message, we've created our own masterfully motivational posters for you to find your educational muse. Maybe now you'll actually learn something besides what Kylie Jenner wore to the Met Gala or whatever, Dina.

Not only will they teach you the know-how and skills you need for today's market, Zewail City's approach teaches you how to tackle life's curve balls.

Zewail City nurtures and encourages knowledge-seekers to chase their calling in life, no matter how outlandish or unorthodox their field may be.
Zewail's curricula are built to challenge you, to unlock doors in your mind that you never knew existed, giving you the experience you need to compete in today's market.
With fields such as Nanotechnology Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, and Nanoscience, Zewail City encourages students to explore what lies beyond the veil of reality.

Knowledge is not limited to books, classrooms and lecture halls. Zewail encourages curious young students to poke the norm, and constantly asking why.
Zewail City has the competencies of brightening career paths, by granting knowledge in areas that are highly premeditated as a market gap.
The University of Science and Technology focuses on exposing students to research facilities and laboratories that will enable them to conduct both basic scientific research and industry-linked research projects.

Zewail isn't just another attempt at a private university without much in the way of substance. It's an entire community of individuals who want nothing more but to offer Egypt's confused young minds the kind of creative space they need to find themselves. If it were up to us, we'd go back in time and study something like aerospace engineering or nanowhatever, instead of just resigning to either medical or engineering fields. Food for thought.

The University of Science and Technology is receiving applications from the 15th of April till the 28th of July from applicants with Sanaweya Amma, IB, American and IG diplomas.