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This New Egyptian Jewellery Brand Immortalises the Beauty of Nature in the Most Stunning Ways

Using everything from food to preserved insects, Zomra proves that beauty can be found in simplicity - and there's nothing more beautiful than nature.

It’s not unfair to say that, behind every new jewellery brand or collection, is a diluted, pretentious, borderline-bullshit concept. “Oh, this bracelet is round because it represents wholeness, totality and infinity, which rebels against the temporary and decaying nature of modern life.”

No, Nada, Kenzy or whatever your name is – it’s round because bracelets are mostly round.

For all the hot air surrounding fashion in general, there’s still something to be said for pure aesthetic – something that new local brand, Zomra, serves with a side of quirk.

The brainchild of Luxor native and sculptor, Hamed Mostafa, Zorma’s pieces pluck the beauty of nature and transform them into small pieces of art.

Mostafa’s artistic background has certainly shaped Zomra into something quite unique; he was part of the crew that put together Dahab’s stunning underwater museum and is a graduate of Luxor University’s Faculty of Fine Arts. Using epoxy resin, Mostafa has made pieces using everything from flowers and preserved insects, to fruits and vegetables, immortalising each one in a range of necklaces and rings.

“Jewellery wasn’t something I always wanted to do,” Mostafa’s tells CairoScene. “But I decided to try and do something new and different. I started off with a few pieces and kept going until I ended up with a collection.”

Said collection is available to buy only via Zomra’s Instagram profile, but has turned plenty of heads already. So much so, in fact, that Mostafa was invited to display his work in an exhibition at Palace Des Artes in June – an honour that pays tribute to the sheer artistry of his work.

“It’s trial and error,” explains Mostafa. “I’ve tried to do pieces with lemons and tangerines. As long as it’s from nature, I’ll try it.”

Some of the pieces even retain the smell of its subject, too, including coffee beans and cinnamon – so nothing is out of bounds of Zomra. Moustafa also likes to mix various elements, in keeping with the brand’s name, which means group or grouping. Other interesting materials include wood, which he has used to create interesting woodland-inspired pieces, and even sugar, which he used to create something of a small galaxy.

There’s still more to come, though.

“I’m working on a new collection,” Mostafa coyly tells us, revealing that he’s turning things up a notch or two with a more exotic range of bugs, as well as more experimentation with natural colouring.

You can check out Zomra on Instagram and Facebook.