Tuesday December 5th, 2023
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Dec 05,2023

10 Breakfast Spots For a Gastronomical El Gouna Experience

Wash down the bitter taste of last year at these El Gouna breakfast hotspots.

Layla Raik

As the long-awaited Christmas break launches into full swing, Cairene party animals, off-the-grid venturers and mindful healers alike pack their bags in the direction of our favourite beach-side eco-town - El Gouna - in anticipation of another year of life. To make sure you get the most out of the remainder of 2022, here’s a tried-and-tested list of 10 breakfast spots you can flaunt your newly bought Dior tote at; ones perfect for ultra-romanticised quiet reading time with a view or elusive email-ignoring work brigades. 

The Bagel Tree

New Marina Piazza

Fully channel the NYC in the 90s energy at eternally summery breakfast spot The Bagel Tree, where your inner city girls can shine their brightest even in the small-town calm of El Gouna. 

Malu’s Deli

New Marina Piazza

Boasting a menu for both the body and soul, Malu’s Deli is the perfect spot for deliciously-concocted hangover remedies. 

Seventh Star

Marina El Gouna

Centimetres away from water, Seventh Star serves you a global range of breakfasts perfect for sharing with a side of juicy gossip with your girlfriends (their á la Paris almond croissants included). 

La Playa

Kafr, Downtown 

Practically a spa day minus all the invasive procedures, a morning at La Playa’s exclusive beach club is the perfect getaway from your getaway; one that caters to your every need including your cheeky morning mocktails.

Eish Baladi

New Marina Piazza

Missing your ‘a’rabeet foul’ palate amidst the upscale lush of El Gouna? No worries, Eish Baladi, the number one supporter of local living and eating in the small sunny town, has your cultural identity strapped in with delectable oriental breakfast options. 

Makani Beach Club

North Beach

If ‘move more’ is on your 2023 list of resolutions, Makani is the spot for you. Fully grounded, the earthy heaven of a beach club is the perfect spot to grab your balanced breakfast bowl and then jump back into kitesurfing.

Daily Dose

Abu Tig Marina

Solo travellers and flocks, head in the direction of El Gouna’s most hip social house, Daily Dose, for your ‘daily dose’ (pun intended) of socialisation/quiet time. 

Tamr Henna

Kafr, Downtown

One of the most memorable places in the El Gouna-Hurghada area, Tamr Henna serves you classic summer-y ‘ahwa’ vibes, with a multitude of omelette options, morning shisha and drinks.


Marina El Gouna

Serving you Baywatch yacht realness directly on the Marina, Maritim is the elite dining and breakfast spot perfect for when you need a soul-fortifying club sandwich to make up for all of last night’s partying. 

At Sokrat

Abu Tig Marina

Looking for the perfect spot to peacefully and quietly lose yourself in existential dread and reevaluate the ethicality of your life? No better place to do it than At Sokrat’s, particularly with a side of strong Turkish coffee or a delish shakshuka dish.