Sunday 4 of December, 2022
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10 Foodgasmic Ramadan Eats Worth Instagramming At One Oak

Who says we can't have both sushi and Um Ali in one shot this Ramadan? Instagram that!

Staff Writer

We’ve always been big fans of One Oak here at the Scene; we've enthused about their unique sushi and carnivore's dream steaks, as well as the ridiculous yet delicious combination of both. Knowing they’ve whipped up an Oriental Ramadan menu this year, we were curious. When a steak and sushi place does Oriental, how's it going to look? How will it taste? What will the portions be like? Will there still be ginger and wasabi? We sent our finest foodies in search of the answers. Y'all ready for this?


Some people like plain and small appetizers, some – like the entire Arab population – don’t. Clearly One Oak is well aware of this fact because they’re feeding us our favourites: juicy kobeba, croquettes potatoes, vine leaves (which we tend to eat in disastrous bulk), and the addictive beef and cheese sambousak.

 Salads Extraordinaire

One time we tried a German salad, which was basically lettuce with some sesame seeds on top, and it was pretty traumatic. This is why our heart will forever lean to Middle Eastern salads. Crunchy fattoush, fresh tabbouleh, tahini, and succulent baba ghanoush galore.

Duo Skewer Main course

Never say no to meat. This is a golden rule, especially at One Oak (you know, given the whole 'steak and sushi bar' thing). They’re offering a dish of two skewers, one filled with three perfectly cooked tenderloin cuts while the other is filled with marinated grilled chicken. So if you always don’t know whether to choose chicken or beef, One Oak made the choice for you: both!

 Mix Grill

There is kebab and then there is authentic Arab kabab w kofta. The one you tried at a random döner place in London - not kebab. The delectable kofta, Oriental sausage, and grilled chicken at One Oak? As close to authentic Arabian mixed grill as it gets. 

Sushi Selection Platter

Who said sushi can’t be Ramadan food? If sushi can make us happy all the other days of the year, then sushi can definitely make us happy during the holy month. One Oak has three combos options: 12 pieces, 24 pieces, or 40 pieces. Or there's alway the option to splurge and get all 76 pieces to satisfy your sushi tooth (yes, we just made that up).

Savoury Sides

Very few people realise the magic that is side dishes. Perhaps juices or salads work as the best palette cleansers, but we’re advocates of other foods providing a break from…our main food. Don’t judge us, okay? We’re doing the best we can to justify the fact that we’re totally ecstatic about béchamel moussaka and cheesy lasagna functioning as sides.

Mini Shawerma

Forget about boring eggs and foul at 11 PM again. You’ll find this masterpiece in One Oak’s sohour menu, instead. That'll keep you full – maybe even until the next sohour.

Chicken Liver with Pomegranate Dip

Pomegranate dip is the elixir of life. It’s sweet and tart and literally makes everything extra delicious – that’s what we believe, anyway. Combine this succulent syrup with a little bit of meat, and fireworks are guaranteed to go off in your mouth.


A traditional, timeless favourite, One Oak is jazzing it up with your choice of mango, Nutella, or red velvet – because plain konafa is so 1600s. Also, don't pretend you're too full for dessert because no one is ever too full for dessert. 

Um Ali

Hot, sweet, and irresistibly gooey – who dares not like Um Ali? It magically tastes like winter nights and home. We might not have a stable economy in Egypt, but we will always have Um Ali

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Shoot by @MO4Network's #MO4Productions.
Photography by Ahmed Alloush.