Friday June 21st, 2024
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1001 Nights of Turkish Delights at Sheikh Zayed's Özel

It turns out the walls of Constantinople were to shield mountains of Turkish delights from our ravenous appetites.

Layla Raik

1001 Nights of Turkish Delights at Sheikh Zayed's Özel

Month after month, year after year, we find ourselves bombarded with a list of birthdays and special occasions where we not only need to, but want to give our loved ones something special to commemorate moments we’ll never have again. Between mountains of mugs, trinkets and meaningless chocolate boxes, the never-ending search can get a bit redundant. In the search for the perfect gift, we’ve stumbled across an infallible pathway into anyone’s heart: Özel.

Lined up elegantly in sleek emerald boxes, Özel’s array of Turkish delights contains entire trips to Istanbul stifled under a lid. Thanks to the shop’s commitment to the heritage of cuisine, their beautifully crafted desserts each stand an ode to a long-winded line of Turkish sweeteners, decorating each bite with the added sweetness of the taste of history.

Because we, perhaps shamefully, do not know much about the universes of Turkish delights, we’ve taken to Özel’s extensive range of ready-to-buy assortments for every occasion. Playing with every shade of baklava, miles of lukmat, and sugared dolma, the patisserie has created a mouth-watering selection that gets our heart beating, from the simple folk’s mix box to the carefully curated luxury counterpart.