Tuesday 6 of December, 2022
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11 Best South American Restaurants In Cairo

Uno, dos, tres, quatro! *any Pitbull song*

Staff Writer

Go on a culinary odyssey through Latin America without leaving home. We've scoured our city for restaurants that serve food from Peru to Argentina, Colombia, Venezuela and more. This is the cream of the crop as far as Latin food goes; you won’t find a single sloppy taco in the midst. All that’s missing is that bright, equatorial sun and a cool tequila cocktail in your hand. 

Los Gauchos (Argentinian)

Located in Rehab City's food-court, the Argentinian eatery's steak game might be expensive but it's strong! Que barbaro!

Marimba (Mexican)

These fried tortilla rolls from 6th of October's Marimba will make you live la vida loca.

My Kind of Place (Brazilian)

You're in for a Brazilian festa at Fairmont Heliopolis Towers' My Kind of Place where you'll get to feast on some authentic Rodizio meats fresh from the grill.

Barbacoa (Mexican)

We're very sure Maadi's Barbacoa guacamole dips were the source of inspiration that launched Pitbull's career. Delicioso!

Potle (Mexican)

Not only will their chicken burrito bowl awaken your taste buds and make you feel things you haven't felt before, but Potle is cheap as fashkh! *cough* and yes, we see what you did there with Chipotle and your logo *cough*

Maria's (Mexican)

Do you love salads? Don't worry, we don't either, unless it's Fairmont Heliopolis Towers' Maria's Mexican grilled shrimp salad.

Tabla Luna (Latin American)

Located in Maadi, Tabla Luna is one of our favourite restaurants. From Peruvian food to Brazilian, Argentinian and more, THEY HAVE EVERYTHING! Please make sure to try their seared Tilapia that is soaked in warm cherry tomatoes and capers vinaigrette and served on top of baked polenta. Oh, and their chilly nachos. Riquisimo!

Sol Pool Bar (Mexican Night)

Hidden in New Cairo's Renaissance Mirage City Hotel, Sol Pool Bar isn't really a Mexican restaurant, but on Thursdays they go ARRRIIIIIIIIIIIBAAAA like there's no tomorrow!

El Chico (Mexican)

All of us, and by all of us, we mean your grandpa, your sister, your stepbrother, your best friend have probably passed by El Chico at City Stars but have you been there? You should as their Mexican chilli renello is to die for.

Tortilla Wraps (Mexican)

We don't care what you're taco about right now, all we want you to do is to order from Nasr City's Tortilla Wraps right now. Actually get their mincin' beef quesadillas.

La Pina (Mexican)

Do you believe in life after love? You will once you try any of their tacos. ANY OF THEM! YALLA!