Sunday March 26th, 2023
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11 Creative Culinary Concoctions on One Oak's Menu, From Appetizers to Desserts

One Oak has a seriously creative team working up their kitchen – those mouthwatering choices they serve us can only come out of a genius.

Staff Writer

We've been die-hard fans of One Oak since the beginning; the mere idea of being able to have sushi and steak in the same sitting is fatkid fantasy. They're always baffling us with strange yet delicious things off their menus; that time they had a black stone to grill steaks and had us dining like proud cave(wo)men, and don't get us started on their unforgettable, delectable –and quite Instagrammable – Ramadan menus... They're always there for us, and we have vowed to always be there for them every time they have a new devourable item on their plates. This time, we got some with nuts, and some cream cheese, and quite a lot of shrimp! Next time you hit up One Oak in Sheikh Zayed, or their new and gorgeous location at Point 90 New Cairo, don't forget to give these items a taste:

Fried Prawns Cocktail

Let's start with the prawns; classic shrimp served with a delicious cocktail sauce, perfect for snacking, filling up, or having a conversation over while not really listening to the other person because the shrimp is fried and scrumptious, and the sauce is divinely fresh.


Now, the dumplings, you have three options to try these fresh and handmade dough pieces: chicken, beef, or shrimp. There's a plethora of spices for each option and they're made on the spot daily; these delectables might as well just be called dumplings of love.   

Prawn Quinoa Salad

You got all your necessary food groups in there. We can guarantee you health and wellness with this meal; under the tangy dressing there's a tasty variety of walnuts, avocados, arugula, and cherries, with the right amount of grilled prawns on top and all the health benefits that come with a toss of quinoa.

Beef Teriyaki

Nothing can even amount to the happiness we feel when we hear these words – a lustrous, garlicy, soy sauce with brown sugar glazing a juicy piece of thinly sliced grilled steak, with a side of perfectly cooked white rice. All these things are going to end up in our stomachs! *drool*

Orange Chicken Skillet

No one could ever go wrong with this meal; it's zesty, flavourful, and tender. What could possibly go wrong here? Nothing. We predict it'll be that meal you order all the time from now on – not because it's a safe choice, but because it will never stop getting old!

1OAK Skewer Family: Quatro Steak Skewer & One Oak Duo Skewer | Beef Tenderloin Chicken & Beef Tenderloin & Shrimps

Second best choice anyone could ever make in their life is order savoury beef skewers; the actual best choice is ordering them with a load of chicken and shrimp at the same time. Who said you can't have more than two types of meat? Just think of the smokey grilled meat cubes, marinated with an array of spices waiting to be devoured... Take a minute and think – we'll be here.

Sushi:  Tempura Dragon Roll, Signature Rainbow Roll, Rock N’ Roll, & Volcano Roll

These palatable rolls are probably better had when you're with a group of friends and want to avoid fighting on who ordered the best choice; they're all good choices! You have the tempura roll, which is with asparagus, avocado, caviar, a bit of red chili peppers, and cilantro, topped with mayo ponzu sauve. Then, you have the "Rock N' Roll", which has similar ingredients, but alas, the tuna dominates this roll. Then, the volcano roll, which is an explosion of seafood flavours, with crab and salmon and sriracha sauce.

Maki Rocket Rolls: Shrimp Tempura Rocket Roll & Eel Crab Rocket Roll

These are perfect if you're down to have a bit of creamy textures: tempura has cream cheese and tuna, while avocado salmon has a mellow combination of...can you guess?

Monomaki Rolls: Salmon Monomaki, Spicy Tuna Monomaki, Shrimp Monomaki, & Eel Monomaki

So. Many. Choices. Seriously, can we have all? At once? Does this come all together or separately? So many types of piquant seafood, both spicy and mild, in a classic monomaki wrap, and they're guaranteed to turn you into a sushi fan if you're not one already!

Crunchy N’ Nut Rolls: Crunchy Nut Roll, Kajo Roll, Flamenco Roll, & Pecan Roll

Some people like to hear the sound of their food and use every muscle of their face and mouth to grind down a flavourful bite. We're of those people. We like using all our senses and powers to nosh up anything that comes in a roll. These nutty rolls are going to satisfy all the fans of the munchin' n' crunchin' with bold tastes against moutherwatering combinations; seriously, the flamenco roll will is shrimp, sundried tomato, cream cheese, and pistachio. Need we say more?

Desserts: White & Black Chocolate Mousse, Red Velvet Cake, Carrot Cake

We don't even know if this requires words to describe or articulate, but here it goes: sweet, creamy, chocolatey, velvety, and and just plain custom-made for those with a sweet tooth who are looking to have a perfect treat to end the perfect meal.

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Shoot by @MO4Network's #MO4Productions.
Photography by Moataz Mohamed
Food styling by Mostafa Abunabut