Thursday 8 of December, 2022
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12 Best Steaks In Cairo

There's nothing quite as gratifying as chomping down on a prime cut of mouthwatering steak. Here's our pick of the best steaks in town. It is Eid, after all.

Staff Writer

There are few things in life that are worse than being served an overcooked or flaccid steak (especially when it's the most expensive thing on the goddamn menu), are we right? We here at CairoScene understand that the struggle is real so we give you the chance to raise the steaks (lol) and treat your inner carnivore to a slap-up meal. Whether you’re on the hunt for a medium-rare slab or clean cut fillet that’s oozing blood, you needn’t look any further than our list below to find the best steak in town.

Lucca (Royal Maxim Palace Kempinski)

Hidden in New Cairo's Kempinski hotel is this simple, rustic Italian restaurant that serves flat-iron pink steaks, on a slab of wood with a bellisimo twist that will make you go mamma mia!



Love chips with your meal? Then this is the restaurant for you. Located in the historic Korba, there’s great food and after dinner fun to be had at Pepenero, which boasts a rich menu of succulent steaks, with house fries – our personal favourite.



When it comes to serving up the perfect steak, Charwood's, now only in Arkan, are the experts (well with a tagline ‘the best steaks in Cairo' you wouldn’t expect any less). Often named as the prime cut for steak, a t-bone with half tenderloin and half top loin – is what they do best. 

Chef's Market

 Located in City Stars, their steaks are intense, juicy, and an education in how good beef can be and their roast vegetables are to die for.

Oak Grill (Conrad Cairo Hotel)


You fancy a hunk of meat for dinner but forget that the friend you’re meeting up with is veggie. It happens (rare, but it happens). At Oak Grill, that ain't going to be a problem.

The Tap


Although a pub, The Tap unexpectedly offers one of the best steaks in the entirety of Maadi. There's also beer. Actually, flavoured beer, so you are excused from reading this article to go right now.  

JW Steakhouse (Cairo Marriott Hotel)


Everyone in Zamalek knows the Marriott's steakhouse steaks is what's up. Not only will they give you that, you'll feel like a motherfuckin' prince in a palace while doing it.


 Sup bro? Enta bro? Ana bardo bro? Bros gives all the bros the chance to conversate about their bro code with the advantage of having the fattest, juiciest steak while doing it. 



Oh, la, la! Located at Intercontinental City Stars, Maestro is the place to go when you invite some fancypants humans for some fancyschmancy delicious steaks. 


Rumour has it, a Cairene bumps into at least seven Crave restaurants in their lifetime, and that saddens us. For realz though, you are NOT a basic bitch if you go there. if you don't believe us, just have their steak.

Mori Sushi & Grill


Contrary to popular belief, Mori isn't just a sushi place. It's also a grill, and oh boy, dem Mori steaks are so JUISEEEY!

JW Steakhouse (JW Marriott Hotel)


If you fancy really pushing the boat out and trying arguably the finest cut of beef in the entire capital, it is strongly recommended that you take an empty stomach to Steakhouse (where else?) for a slice of kobe prefecture.