Wednesday 30 of November, 2022
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12 Most Instagrammable Eateries in Cairo

We know you can't go out with documenting every moment - so why not apply those filters to best decorated spaces in the city?

Staff Writer

Let us not kid ourselves; it is the age of Instagram. And that means that when you go out for dinner, coffee, a drink, anything really, it automatically registers in your conscious mind whether or not this place is worthy of making it onto your Instagram feed. If it is not beautifully decorated you shall shun it but if they have upped their decor game, you will welcome it into the hallowed halls of Instagrammability. So here are some of the top spots in Cairo that we would allow to grace our feeds. Now of course there's your Lemon Trees and your Fishawys but what else can you slap a filter on and call photography? 





Food and decor are👌🏼@haydaeg's opening night.

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My artwork at Eldokan #city_stars #art #mixed_media

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Details. #VSCOcam

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