Wednesday 1 of February, 2023
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5 Spots in Sahel to Get Artisanal Pizza

For all the pizza enthusiasts out there, you never have to go on vacation without your favourite food group.

Staff Writer

The Earth may be not round and flat, but our pizzas are – and they have given us more reason to live than any of our sad earthly matters. People across the world every day commemorate their devotion to the holy grail of food, including Illuminati Queen Bey who sported a full-on pizza outfit that beats Givenchy dresses any day. And you don't have to be led astray in Sahel, we believe in the freedom of your beliefs whether you're a vegetarianist, plain-pizzaist, or a pepperonist, therefore we compiled the top five shrines of artisanal pizza in Sahel, where you can pay homage to the Italian Pizza Gods in your bikini:

Sea Salt Beach Bistro and Bar

The offspring of the decadent U Bistro & Bar that's been making waves since its opening, has graced Sahel this summer with its culinary explosion on the beach in Telal, and we’re gastrorgasming right now. Lay down on chaise longues and savour their state-of-the-art wood-fired pizza. Any thin-crust creation that is topped with giant chunks of mozzarella is a winner in our book. They've also got fun cocktails, and a slew of seafood delectables that would put The Little Mermaid to shame. Or, maybe you can step in for some Mediterranean cuisine embellished with a French touch, and try our very favourite, Octopus Carpaccio – which, by the way, tastes exactly as sexy as it sounds.

Tutti Matti

Thin-crust pizzas are Tutti Matti’s delicious canvas, and they’re going all Picasso on us. Their delicious oven creations embody the statement that everything tastes good on pizza, even a cracked egg – which they do have in their Capricciossa pizza. The colorfulness and creativity Tutti Matti puts in their pizza make for chill nights and happy bellies.


Andiamo: the epitome of oven-baked crispy scrumdidiliumpcious pizza in Sahel and everywhere. There, the nights are always young and free, the humans have bodies that look like they don't eat nearly enough pizza, and fresh icy cocktails really settle well with those cheesy bites! Also, they have beds floating in the water so...


Where the students can become the master chefs. The restaurant and cooking school hybrid turns regular everyday food into a culinary experience – for once, we do wanna go to school! From delightful pizzas that radiate flavour and colour, to the classically mouthwatering slices decorated with fresh produce and savoury toppings – it's definitely worth learning.


Aesthetically-pleasing Ted's is a veritable explosion of the senses – it's our very own pizzual-awakening. Their ingredients are flavoursome, and as fresh as their Sahel atmosphere! Chewy and filling never looked so good.