Saturday April 13th, 2024
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6 Best All You Can Eats In Cairo

Resident foodie Kurt Galalah brings you a definitive guide of Cairo eateries that will keep feeding you til you can't be fed no more...

Staff Writer

6 Best All You Can Eats In Cairo

I love dining out as much as (and probably more than) the next person. But the big massive joke about normal dining is that once you're done with your meal, that’s the end. Regardless of if you’re still hungry (which I am 99.7% of the time), or if you suddenly wish you’d ordered a different meal, it’s all over. KHALAS! Well, this is where the all-you-can-eat restaurants step in. But not all of these restaurants are trustworthy; some of them are as fraudulently attractive as a teenage girl’s Facebook pictures. Instead of delivering the bountiful hedonistic experience you expect, they dish up dry, stodgy fare with a side of flavourlessness and a sprinkle of food poisoning. But these evil-type restaurants are altogether avoidable if you follow the guide I have selflessly researched through many weeks of eating my way through Cairo's all-you-can-eat restaurants. 

Kamala - Dim Sum


Dig into endless dim sum at the Conrad's lavish Kamala restaurant and bar while experiencing an authentic taste of the Far East for just 200LE.



Can’t decide whether you want to go south of the border or sunning by the beach? Get both the Club Med and the Tex Mex. Or why not go pan-European with the Italian Stallion, The French and The Brit? We’ve all been in the situation where we’re weighing up what we want to eat, and Burgerque is breaking down the boundaries by saying, “Why not have all?” for 120LE. 

Windows Of The World


From shrimp soups, salads and starters, to main courses and dessert, eat shrimp to your heart's desire for just 250LE per person at the Ramses Hilton.

Kansas Fried Chicken

Imagine having unlimited chicken pieces, chicken strips, rice, french fries, coleslaw, buns and soda. If you have 66LE, you don't have to imagine no more.

Casa De Carne

Give your cravings for Brazilian food a present with all-you-can-eat BBQ where they carve the meat right into your plate (or maybe your mouth if you ask politely) at the Courtyard's Casa De Carne for 148LE.



Hilary Duff was talking about this Hakamoro offer when she was singing This Is What Dreams Are Made Of. No but for real, endless dim sum and sushi for 299LE? YAS PLEASE!