Saturday May 25th, 2024
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6 of the Best Places to Get Foodgasmic Cookies in Cairo

We had our 6 favourite Cairo dessert spots send us cookies and here is the verdict.

Staff Writer

6 of the Best Places to Get Foodgasmic Cookies in Cairo

There are exactly three things that we take way too seriously: tax reform, Fifi Abdo, and cookies. There's nothing quite like snuggling up in bed with a glass of milk and a plate of cookies while watching a Fifi Abdo mosalsal and dreaming up ways to tax the richest 1%! We're getting excited just thinking about it! 

Whenever we find ourselves stuck at work, daydreaming about the moment we finally get to rest our weary behinds in bed, drifting into reveries of progressive tax scheming, Fifi Abdo watching, and cookie munching, we know who to call. 

The Batter Half and Co.

Another infamous Zamalek dessert place and definitely one of our favourites. The cookies are soft and chewy, and, as if we needed anymore reason to unbutton our jeans, they put caramel in between two cookies, so, now, we have a cookie sandwich situation on our hands.


They're known for their cupcakes, but turns out Devour also makes a bomb chocolate chip cookie, that will leave you with a new found appreciation for life. They also sent us their signature cookie brownie pizza, which looks as ridiculous as it sounds, but tastes ridiculously delicious.


If you know anything about the dessert landscape in Cairo, then you know Coppermelt. It’s one of the only places in Cairo that makes everything perfectly, and that includes their cookies. When we took one look at them, we actually stopped for a second to admire, and they taste even better than they look.


Dukes makes incredible chocolate and matcha biscuits, and we've always known, but to our surprise they also make adorable themed treats that taste just as good as the dirt cakes they are famous for.


This is every 6th of October foodie's favourite dessert spot, and who can blame them? They have the best everything. And they really are the only way to celebrate Halloween if you hate Paganism, so yeah, silver linings.

Four Fate Ladies

If you’ve been to Zamalek and haven’t stopped and had a brownie from four fat ladies, then you haven’t been to Zamalek. Honestly, their brownies taste like happiness, and their cookies taste like perfection in doughy form, their ginger snap cookies taste like Christmas, their chocolate chip cookies taste like hugs, and those little ones are the closest you'll get to peanut butter heaven.

Photos by @MO4Network's #MO4Productions