Thursday 1 of December, 2022
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8 Best African Restaurants In Cairo

Mother Africa spoils us, but we tend to look the other way. Here are the top continental African restaurants you have to try in Egypt...

Staff Writer

Have you ever had any African food? Sudanese? Nigerian? Anything? We didn't think so. It's crazy how most of us, who live in AFRICA, has never tried any of its exotic cuisines. We here at CairoScene want to change that, so we scoured Om El Donya for the best African restaurants in town.

Khartoum (Sudanese)

Located opposite Othman Katkhuda mosque, Khartoum will take you to Sudan and back with their kajaik and aseeda. 

Samar Al-Nil (Ethiopian)

 Samar's wats are a must try. It's basically a stew or a curry that is prepared with chicken, beef, lamb, a variety of vegetables and spice mixtures. You can find the Ethiopian eatery in Dokki. 

Masara (Nigerian)


Beef suya is perhaps one the most popular and delicious Nigerian street food snacks you could ever have. Masara is located in Nasr City's El-Hay Asher.

Juba (Sudanese)

 You'll find this gem of a place at the end of Maadi's Golf Street. The owner of the restaurant is the definition of an independent woman that don't need no man. 

Celebrities (Pan-African)

From Kenyan to Ghanaian and more, Celebrities' menu is Mother Africa herself. You can find it in Maadi on Road 199. 

Areej (East Sudan)

 Indian food can be spicy, but its nothing compared to Sudanese, especially if its Eastern Sudanese. You  can find it on Dokki's Naggar Street. 

 Al-Sudan (South Sudan)

 Do you believe in life after love? You will after you try Al-Sudan's Gheema in Kasr El-Nil Street.

 Nigerian Corner (Nigerian)

 Everyone boasts about how good Alexandrian fish is, but you haven't lived till you try Nigerian fish. Located in 6th of October, Nigerian Corner is a very low-key place, that you need to know someone who knows another someone that will you get to a someone that will take you this restaurant.