Saturday December 2nd, 2023
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8 Cairo Restaurants That Literally Serve One Dish and Only That

If you're indecisive, this list is for you.

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If you're indecisive when it comes to order, this listicle was made for you. We've compiled a list of restaurants around the capital that, quite frankly, have no time for anything other than one dish. Can you blame 'em? We certainly can't. 

Pomodoro // Downtown Cairo

The Downtown Cairo restaurant serves up seafood pasta and only that. Literally. They get their supply of seafood fresh every single day, so make sure to reserve your spot.

Address: Bab El Louk, Noubar Street, Downtown Cairo

Phone: 02 27931689

Let's Poke // Zamalek

As their name suggests, the Zamalek joint only has time for the iconic Hawaiian dish: poke. You get them in two sizes, small and large, and the topping limit does not exist.

Address: 3 Fouad El Ahwani, El Zamalek

Phone: +2 0103 098 5701

Croccante // Sheikh Zayed

You need not worry about traveling to Hungary anytime soon to have a go at chimney cakes when you can just have it here at the Chimney Cone Factory.

Address: Arkan Plaza, Sheikh Zayed

Phone: NA

Carrot Cake Guy // Delivery Only

The aptly named Carrot Cake Guy will only make carrot cakes. Capish? Good!

Address: NA

Phone: NA

Taco Tuesday // Delivery Only

It's Taco Tuesday every freakin' day at this restaurant, which is exactly why they only serve, well, tacos.

Address: NA

Phone: NA

Potato Corner // New Cairo

If jacket potatoes are your game, then this restaurant's name is the only name you need to know.

Address: Maxim Mall, New Cairo

Phone: +2 0109 191 8489

Rengato // Delivery Only

You, along with everyone, have probz never asked for this concept of a restaurant but we got it either way. This spot, yes, makes renga and only renga.

Address: NA

Phone: +2 0114 012 3785

Layerz // Delivery Only

The only thing they make here is layers of lasagna. 

Address: NA

Phone: NA