Monday May 29th, 2023
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8 Spots In Cairo To Sober Up After A Night Of Drinking

Egyptian food is full of bacteria and viruses that feed on poison such as alcohol, making it perfect for soaking up any excess booze left around in your stomach after a night of indulging. Here are eight iconic places around the city we all head to late at night to sober up!

Staff Writer

Every now and then we find ourselves too drunk to stay up and also too drunk to go to sleep. It's exactly the same time when, after a night of drinking, we need to find something to get into our stomachs to soak up all that excess booze swishing around. We need it to be good and greasy, and we need to find a location that's still open at 4 AM. One thing though - regardless of whether we are driving or being driven, at that time we find it difficult to get out of the car; we need the food delivered right to the window. 

Here’s where we come into play; we at CairoScene know exactly what our readers need after a night of boozing and hence we've gathered the definitive list of Egyptian places where you can find food to help you sober up after a night's worth of drinking, situated around Downtown, Zamalek, Mohandessin, and Dokki - because let's face it apart from Maadi that's basically where most of the good late-night, post-party watering holes are, and Maadians don't need us to tell them where to find anything, because apart from them, everyone gets lost in Maadi. 


One of Egypt’s better sandwich shops, serving Egyptian-style shawerma and other goodies, will deliver to your car and will tolerate drunken absurdity; the guys taking the orders look pretty fucked up themselves most of the time...  


Ne'ama serves really good oily shawerma that is great for counteracting the effects of booze. It also serves foul and ta3meya sandwiches and possibly the best fries ever.

Abo Ammar 

This dude is the shit! He is the best Syrian shawerma place in town man, and he is great for all highs, umm we mean times. Whether you're stoned or drunk you will find something - also, Abo Ammar himself will sometimes pop by the car and offer you some free lentil soup! 

Abo Ramez

Same as Ammar, Ramez’s dad (Abo means 'father of' in Arabic) makes a mean shawerma and is one of the older Syrian shawerma establishments in town. He serves hands down the best late night chicken shawerma in the nation, in our humble inebriated opinion.

My Queen

My Queen located in Gamaet al-Dowal street, serves up juicy sandwiches or full-blown Egyptian style meals. Order the Feshenkah if you dare, which is a mixed platter of vine leaves, and other similar stuffed and fried goodies, that can feed a whole family.

All Kebda Places 

Abo Ragab is Dokki’s most famous kebda place and basically one of the better ones found around Cairo. They have been operating for years and no food poisoning cases have been reported yet - at least none that have been linked back to them. But at 4 AM when you're drunk and starving, any kebda place will do, really.

Maison Thomas 

Although it sounds French, Pizza Thomas is very Egyptian - not in its quality but in regards to the fact that it was formed here and doesn’t have branches beyond Egypt. Located on 26th of July street in Zamalek, it is open 24 hours, and although it won't take your order from the car you can order by phone, and tell them that you are outside for pick up. And then enjoy some very, very cheesy goodness.

Honorary Mention: Hardee's Zamalek 

Although Hardee's Zamalek does not bring your food to the car, and is not inherently Egyptian, it does witness the most attempts by Cairenes at sobering up, and as such it deserves a mention for all the fucked up things we’ve others have done in there that they've tolerated. Thank you Hardee's Zamalek - yes only the Zamalek branch.