Saturday September 23rd, 2023
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9 Best Places in Cairo To Up Your Sushi Game

The sushi craze is still going strong. Who knew raw fish would gain such a following? Here are some of the best spots in town, from the more well known to the hidden gems, where you can get your sushi fix, as discovered by our resident foodie Kurt Galalah.

Staff Writer

Cairo has no shortage of sushi options - like seriously, why do some Italian restaurants serve sushi when they shouldn't? Why are Mori Sushi and Makani not the only places in CFC who have sushi? Sushi isn't fries, it's not acceptable for y'all (you know exactly who you are) to have them on your menus because it's cool and very #InstaFood. But that is a fight for another day. Right now everyone wants to avoid those crappy tuna rolls and find themselves a truly exquisite sushi experience. Well, after searching far and wide, I've whittled down my picks of the city's best sushi restaurants. You're welcome.

Located in Maadi and Wadi Degla's Heliopolis branch, Sakura is the place to go or order from if you fancy some seriously good sashimi but you don't want to hurt your wallet.


Mikado Sushi Express
Hidden in Maadi's actual Il Mulino restaurant's backyard, the concept of Mikado is very much an easy and unfussy express approach to sushi. They make ready packaged boxes of 10, 20, and 40 pieces at affordable prices (I'm talking 40 pieces of sushi for 169LE).  Their teriyaki sauce is the best so make sure to order extra. 


Makino might be expensive, but it's worth it as their entire staff is Japanese and know what's up!


Saki Sushi Lounge
Not only is their sushi so fresh it gon' make you cry, Fairmont Heliopolis and Towers' Saki is the best place to take your date on a sushi night out.


Excellent service. By that I mean you will literally be treated like a motherfucking princess. Their all-you-can-eat offer is for 180LE. One of my favourite features about this Cairo Marriott gem is that their Gyu Terriyaki is superb, perfect for people who are in relationships with non-sushi eaters (blasphemous I know but sadly they exist). Here at Torii you don't need to compromise. You can have your sushi and your ratchet partner can have a delicious beef tenderloin that's cooked to perfection.


Gaya Sushi
If you're a Maadi person, Gaya was probably not just one of your favourite places to have sushi, but your favourite of them all. With them renovating their establishment at the moment, they've unfortunately stopped, but rumour has it that they're coming back soon.




Mori Sushi & Grill
It's all about their maki rolls that will keep you wanting mori.


Upper Deck
Yes, yes, I know! It's at the Four Seasons Nile Plaza, aka you will probably need to sell your kidney to afford their sushi, but contrary to popular belief, you really don't. Their 340LE++ sushi offer is amazeballs and totally worth it if you want to feel fancy schmancy without going broke, you get 18 pieces of sushi, a sashimi plate, a salad of your choice and a dessert. SEE? EXACTLY!