Wednesday 30 of November, 2022
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9 New Must-Try Items On Mori Sushi's Sahel Menu

Mori Sushi just launched a new menu and the Egyptian sushi-enthusiast community (us) is freaking out.

Staff Writer

You know when you're listening to music on shuffle, but then your favourite songs of all time come on one after the other? And you just start thinking of how the universe has aligned its stars or whatever and it's in your favour? Okay, that's exactly what it feels like right now because Mori Sushi just whipped up 9 new items on their Sahel menu out of nowhere, reminding us that sushi is actually the universe's way of connecting with us.

Here are 9 new items that we suggest you save up your salary and go order all at once. 

Bonbons and Tako Salad

These are definitely as cute as they sound – bonbons are baby shrimp, red cheddar cheese, mozzarella cheese, and sweet chili sauce. As for the salad, it's octopus, cherry tomatoes, and avocado, all served in a beautifully garnished dish.

Mori’s Tacos

We've heard about fish tacos, and this is probably the best place to have a miniature gourmet dose of them. These are mini taco shells filled with white fish, salmon, and tuna. LOOK HOW CUTE THEY ARE!!!

Hot Indian Roll

The best of all worlds starts with the tacos, and lives on with the Indian roll. For the lovers of spices, this is probably your best option: salmon, shrimp, and curry sauce wrapped in a spring roll sheet – we'll be ordering a dozen, please.

Sesame Maguro

We didn't even know it was possible for food to look too good to eat. White and black sesame living in harmony on the outside, juicy tuna on the inside, and a side of a colourful salad. So Instagrammable. 

Picasso Roll

If Picasso was still alive, he'd eat this masterpiece for inspiration. Succulent shrimp tempura, with matching shades of orange in bell peppers, spicy mayyonaise, and never forget the magic dust of food, sesame, all with a side of teriyaki sauce.

New Style California Roll

We totally think the song California Love should be rewritten because of this New Style California Roll. This savoury item is composed of crab, red caviar, cucumber, avocado, and mayonnaise – a.k.a the recipe for the fanciest and most satisfying dish. We'd totally go alone to have this – sharing is overrated.


Classic Gunkan with a twist – there are different choices to have in this one. You got yourself the Spicy Maguro & Sake Cubes, or The Crispy Maguro, or The Hot Sesame Sake. We reckon no one will regret ordering one and not the other, because they all descended from food heaven together on the same day.

Mango Green Roll

Who needs to go out and explore nature when you can do that with all this greenery? This vegetarian dish has cucumber, soft cream cheese, fresh mango, asparagus, and spinach. Okay, mom, we're definitely excited to eat our vegetables and fruits this time.


If you're going to be adventurous with trying new food, this is your first step towards it. It sounds like dessert, yes, but it's totally not. It's spicy tuna, octopus, spinach, avocado, and cinnamon sauce. Essentially, the combination brings the familiar and unfamiliar together, rolls it into rice paper, and serves it to you in the hopes of spicing up your boring lives.

For more information about the new menu and locations, visit their Facebook page! Thank us later.