Sunday 4 of December, 2022
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9 Places to Get Tasty Treats For Halloween in Egypt

Trick or treat? Treat. Always.

Staff Writer

Yes, we love Halloween for the fact that we get uber eager to go shopping and dress up in costumes we've always liked better than our real personalities. But the real reason everyone loves Halloween is all the treats; candy, cookies, cupcakes, cakes, chocolate, etc. – all must be collected, all must be in our bellies. And wouldn't we just love them more if they were dressed up in costumes, too? A witch on a cake pop is so vulnerably good, and a pumpkin face on a cupcake is obviously much more suspect to being attacked in one bite. We go to pastry shops and bakeries all year round because, well, we need a dose of them every day of the year. But, during Halloween, we cracked down on all our favourite spots and checked if they were keeping up with the seasons – lo' and behold, they were totally keeping the spooky spirit alive (in ghost-themed cupcakes, obviously). We compiled a list of the best places to get Halloween treats in Egypt this year – we're spreading the love and the screams; here are the masters:

Dina Cantina

We're just ever so used to Dina Cantina bringing us all the goodies from the sugary side of the world, which we believe is a place we go to after we die. Look at that adorable mummy cake with layers of fondant that you can eat either all in one bite, or have fun unwrapping until you get to the core!
Location(s): Downtown Katameya, Road 90
Contact(s): 01000083804


This little Casper-inspired guy is so huggable (and edible) – not the least bit scary! We definitely plan on taking a round on the 'carousel' and trying out everything they have in store. But first, aren't you just tempted to bite the tiny little feet off this ghost cake?
Location(s): Heliopolis
Contact(s): 01141046666


By far, our favourite cupcake go-to place when we need a tiny cup of sweetness that never cease to get creative with their flavours. The fact of the matter is, if Nola's cupcakes are not consumed this Halloween, then you were 'tricked' and not treated, friend. This year, they are getting all 'Spooktacular' and hooking us up with salted caramel, chocolate, blueberry, vanilla,  and exclusive pumpkin flavour. *drool* Meanwhile, you can also grab yourself aprons and chef hats and wear a Nola baker costume – and if they ask you, you can say it's because you make scary-good cupcakes for living.
Location(s): Heliopolis, Zamalek, Mohandeseen, CFC Mall, Rehab, Maadi, Americana Plaza, Mansoura, Tanta, Ismailiaand Alexandria 


Oh, don't you worry – we will devour it all. We don't care if it's a scary Chuckie face, or a terrifying-ass clown staring back at us, or that guy with the red cheeks – we're ain't scurrrred. In fact, we're ready to take the fight, which we will win, a dozen cupcakes later and counting.
Location(s): Mohandessin, Korba
Contact(s): 01015111151, 01220806066, 01019333398, 012-02-600-2302 


We have an incredible Hollywood-like friends and lovers story with Tortina. For ever single occasion, it's the one place we call and get all our needs. And, it's practically on every corner of this city, so you know if we need a sugar fix, you'll find us there drooling and eating at the same time. It's a sacred and respected entity in this city. Their stuff is great because even when it's Halloween-themed, it can still be for a birthday or graduation or whatever. So, if you don't know which occasion to celebrate... We suggest both! It's awesome, classy, and you're guaranteed quality taste! 
Location(s): Zamalek, Heliopolis, Al Rehab City, Maadi, 5th Settlement, Sheikh Zayed, Mohandessin
Contact(s): 0120 196 7634 

Nino's Bakery

We saw Nino's tiny creatures on our feed and we contemplated not eating them, but raising them as our own. How could you ever resist? But who are we kidding, we could pop five of them in under 10 seconds if we tried just one. And that arachnophobia we had our whole lives? Well, seems like an Oreo spider can help us overcome it. Definitely.
Location(s): Zamalek
Contact(s): 01023147888

Salé Sucré Pâtisserie

Sheer talent. Look at the detail on that cake! No surprise there, the French are the masters of all baked goods. All their treats will be popping with small pumpkins, stars, eyeballs, and look at that perfect shade of Halloween orange. It's official, if you're throwing a kickass Halloween party and you really need to nail the theme, you've got to get one of those flavourful, gorgeous creations.
Location(s): Sheraton, Heliopolis, Mohandessin, Mokkatam, Nasr City, Al Rehab City, Cairo Festival City Mall, Al Obour City, Maadi, 6th Of October City, Alexandria, Tanta
Contact(s): 19632


We love Dukes for the sole reason of giving us cupcakes with reminiscent items that spell out 'scary' from our childhood, like the witch's broom! It was always fun trying to get on a broom and pretend to be an evil witch and fly far, far away after causing damage. This time, we're planning on munching on one, with an evil grin as we scan which cupcake to get next, and hopefully we don't cause damage if someone tries to grab the one we've been eyeing.
Location(s): Heliopolis, 5th Settlement, Dokki, Nasr City, 6th of October, Maadi
Contact(s): 16340

L'Éclair Paris 

Don't they just sound so incredibly delicate, simple, and absolutely delightful? We love eclairs, and they're always a good choice for a dessert with any meal. If we're not going to party or show up somewhere dressed up, their mummified delectables give us a nice whiff of Halloween spirit.

Location(s): Downtown Mall, City Stars, Maadi, Heliopolis
Contact(s): 01061825555