Tuesday 29 of November, 2022
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9 of the Best Syrian Restaurants in Cairo

All the delicious shawermas, kobebas, and cheese konafa one could ever dream of can be found at any of these 9 fortresses.

Staff Writer

Syrian cuisine is one of the most renowned and diverse cuisines in the region, and arguably even the world. In the aftermath of the Syrian unrest and subsequent crises, millions of Syrians have had to cross land borders, oceans and mountains and leave their homeland behind, however taking with them their best memories, hopes for a safer future, and the most exquisite recipes for the world to enjoy. And Cairo is no exception to this. From the city's fanciest districts to the narrowest alleys, authentic Syrian restaurants have invaded our metropolis with their most delicious creations, and the rest is history. Here's the list of the best authentic Syrian restaurants in Cairo today.


Their yummy saj shawermas are only beat by their crunchy roasted chicken. Don't walk in there on an empty stomach because you might end up ordering the entire menu. Twice. Consider yourself warned.

Ali El Din Towers, Cinema Street, El Amerikeya Center, El Hosary.

Tel: 01156653222

Abou Youssef El-Soury

The Syrian-food haven has earned itself quiet a fan following for the top-notch quality of their cuisine. Abou Youssef's fried chicken is unofficially dubbed the city's best and is known for its flavour, tenderness and crunch.

24 El Hegaz Street, Mondessin

Tel: 01022534994

Abou Ammar

If you ever wondered why Syria street seems to be highly congested through to the early hours of the AM, we've got news for you; its Abou Ammar. The spot usually has a long line of pedestrians and cars lining up to get a taste of Syria's tastiest sauces and tasty chicken and beef shawerma. 

8 Syria Street, Mondessin

Tel: 0237623724

Abou Haidar

Sausages, hot dogs and chicken panes are among the finger-licking good sandwiches and dishes Abou Haidar offers next to their traditional Syrian cuisine specialties.

3 Soliman Pasha Street, Heliopolis

Tel: 0222570871

Abou Ramez El Souri

We could write love letters about each item on Abou Ramez's menu. However, we'll just tell you that one item on their menu is called Super Shawerma. Need we say more?

62 Mossadak Street, Dokki.

Tel: 01115919119


Abo Mazen El Soury

Right off Triumph Square, the original Syrian Abo Mazen has an astounding reputation for the divine shawermas and lush Syrian delights.

3A Demascus Street Off Ibrahim El Laqqany Street, Heliopolis

Tel: 19675

3al Fa7m

The Syrian culinary haven east of Cairo is known for its grilled and smoked to-die-for dishes. Make sure not to miss out on their famous lamb and veal specials.

Old Commercial Market, Shop 122, Rehab, New Cairo

Tel: 19647

Anas Al Demashky

Most items on this menu feel like a god-given gift to our hungry tummies. Their cheesy special menu including salami, turkey and tuna specials are to... DIE. for.

6 El Emdad & El Tamween Buildings, El Nasr Road, Nasr City

Tel: 16206


Khayrat El Sham

Chicken fatta, beef fatta, and mixed fattas. All shapes and sizes. Fatta addicts should steer clear of this place because one trip to this New Cairo gem is enough to land you in fatta-rehab.

Rd. 17, 1st District, Beside Seoudi Market, New Cairo, Cairo

Tel: 01010622221