Sunday July 21st, 2024
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A Chinoix Night Of Fine Wine & Dine Pairings

We headed out to a special night we won't soon forget at Chinoix in Renaissance Cairo Mirage City Hotel which magnificently paired the finest wine with arguably the most delicious Chinese dishes in all of Cairo.

Staff Writer

A Chinoix Night Of Fine Wine & Dine Pairings

There is nothing finer than sitting down to a meal that is not only delicious, but perfectly paired with a specific wine that leaves tastebuds singing. So, when we heard that Chinoix, located within the gorgeous Renaissance Cairo Mirage City Hotel, was having their first ever wine and dinner pairing event, we didn’t hesitate to reserve a seat for a night of sublime pairings.

Entering Chinoix, we were instantly taken by its warm décor and Chinese vases, promising for an elegant and authentic night of fine dining. Upon seating, we were immediately greeted by the head server who provided us with a set menu and described that this evening, each course would be paired with a wine that brings muted notes in the wine’s bouquet to the surface.

The first course served was a delicious Chinoix trio of wasabi shrimp, shredded potatoes, and spring rolls, served with a refreshing Cape Bay chardonnay. The trio was skillfully prepared; we specifically remember thinking that the spicy kick from the wasabi shrimp perfectly paired subtle pear notes hidden within the Cape Bay Chardonnay.

The following course was a soup and, as one can imagine, soup doesn’t pair well with wine. Although it arrived to the table without a companion, the golden chicken pumpkin soup was a symphony of flavours all on its own. It didn’t need a wine, as the exceptional dish was unforgettable and was alone enough of a reason to pay a visit.

For the main course, we tried both offerings: pan fried lemongrass lamb chops and an herb crusted fillet of seabass with sweet and sour sauce. Both were delicious; however, the pairing of Grand Marquis Grenache and Carignan (red wine) with its full body and hints of strawberry elevated the lamb dish, making it one of the strongest pairings of the night. Fish is typically served with a white wine, and the seabass tasted amazing with the Grand Marquis Sultanine Blanche, however, the sweet and sour sauce seemed somewhat of the mismatch.

With a night of fine wining and dining almost complete, Chinoix had one more surprise we didn’t expect and won’t soon forget.

The fiery dragon tiramisu was more epic than the mother of dragons in Game of Thrones. The spectacular desert was essentially a green tea tiramisu topped with deep fried vanilla ice cream set on fire. Needless to say, it didn’t need to be paired with any wine as it was a sublime spoonful of all kinds of goodness.

The night was memorable with service being synchronised for each course. It was mesmerising to see the precision, as each step was practiced ensuring that plates were placed in front of diners at the exact same time throughout the whole restaurant. Before leaving, we asked when the next pairing night would be; however, sadly, this special evening has no follow up plans as of yet. Either way, Chinoix is worth the visit for anyone looking for a dazzling display of authentic Chinese dishes. With bellies more than pleased, we doubt we can wait for the next event, as already our stomach are grumbling to return.

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