Sunday May 19th, 2024
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A Day of Shoreside Dining in Egypt's Somabay

These delectable spots can be covered in a (perhaps a little full) day’s work.

Layla Raik

A Day of Shoreside Dining in Egypt's Somabay

The coast of Soma Bay has, as a result of the confident quiet of its otherworldly secluded beauty, been largely uncharted to us serial vacationers. All we know is picturesque beaches, sophisticated crowds (mostly Solasi goers), and utterly lovely weather - but we’re forgetting a key aspect of holidays: where do we eat?

It’s a dilemma many have been lost amid on their otherwise seamless trips to the beautiful Bay - not because it falls short in the area of sea-side dining spots, but because we just don’t know enough. For exactly this reason, we’ve put together this guide to a day (or more) of good food in Soma Bay.

Seven Fortunes

Speciality: Coffee

It’s a classic, one we can’t go too far without. Seven Fortunes’ heavenly iced mocha is a taste of home in foreign lands that makes our mornings complete. 


Speciality: Breakfast

As far and wide as we travel, nothing seems to come close to the trusty Egyptian breakfast platter. Baladina’s vibrant flavours and colourful interiors shine a new light on reluctant mornings.

Maison Thomas

Speciality: Early Lunch

Strangely ravenous in the early hours of the afternoon? Beloved pizzeria, Maison Thomas, covers the Bay in their delectable pizzas, so you’re never too far from your beloved fungi pie. 


Speciality: Late lunch

As you watch the sunset, indulge in Kokomo’s holistically grilled delicacies for an ultimate feeling of oneness with the sky above, the earth below and the glimmering Red Sea ahead. 


Speciality: Dinner and Drinks

Some of us dedicated munchers double as dedicated drinkers at the right spots, and Sobar definitely fits that criteria. The rooftop resto-bar offers stunning Mediterranean views, well-done steak, hefty bao buns and much more. 

The Burger Factory 

Speciality: Burgers 

If there’s one universal lie we fall victim to, it’s the notion that we don’t need burgers by the beach. We do, and we prefer them with loaded fries (real cheese included) and a vanilla milkshake for added ‘food coma’ spice. 

Bamboo Shoot, Kempinski Hotel 

Speciality: Pan Asian Cuisine 

Looking to journey through Asia from the confines of Soma Bay’s warm embrace? In need of a hefty serving of steamed shrimp dumplings at the end of a long day of beachside lounging? Look no further than Kempinksi’s Bamboo Shoot. 

Sea View, Sheraton Hotel 

Speciality: Seafood

The world (I.e. Soma Bay) is truly your oyster when it comes to securing delectable dishes. Grilled tuna steak with honey glaze? Check. Grilled salmon with saffron cream sauce? Also check. Tuscany style jumbo shrimps? I think you get the point.